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Naruto and Hinata

Hinata and Naruto

Hinata says i love you

The Big Night, A Hinata and Naruto Love Story

Hinata was sitting at home waiting on a very important visit. Naruto was coming over to pick her up to go on a date. Hinata was thinking on how he had asked her out.
Naruto had found out that Hinata had a crush on him and he had a crush on her so he figured it would be awsome if he could ask her out. So when he asked her can he speak with her alone, she blushed and so ok.
Naruto: Hey Hinata, (blush), I was wondering if you was not busy Friday night.
Hinata: (Blush) N-no N-naruto-kun (turns red) I-im not b-busy Friday n-night.
Naruto: Great (blush) I will pick you up at eight.
Hinata: (turns even redder) O-ok N-naruto-kun
Back to the present
So here she is all dressed up waiting for naruto-kun.
She heres a knock at her door and her dad answers it.
Hiashi: Naruto what are you doing at my door.
Hinata: D-dad I-i told you that N-naruto was coming to p-pick me up.
Hiashi: Oh yea now i remember. Naruto come on in. (steps aside so Naruto can enter)
Naruto: Thank You sir.
Hiashi: YOur welcome. Come and sit so we can talk.
Hinata: Daddy!!!!
Hiashi: Now Hinata Im not going to scare him....much.
Naruto: (gulps and sits down on the couch) Yes sir..
Hinata: (blushes and sits down next to Naruto)
Hiashi: (sits in the arm chair) Now lets get down to business.... I want you to have my Hinata-chan bac before 11 o'clock. If she comes back at ll:01 you better run because I have given you more then enough time. I will hunt you down until i have found you. Once I find you, you will wake up in the hospital. Do you understand me?!?!
Naruto: (gulps) YES SIR!!!!
Hinata: (blushes)Daddy!!!
Hiashi: Now that we got that out of the way...go have fun!! But remember (looks at Naruto evily) you better have her back here at 11 o'clock.
Naruto: Yes sir. (gets up and holds out his hand for Hinata to take while blushing)
Hinata: (blushes and takes his hand and starts walking towards the door) Bye daddy.
Hiashi: Bye Hinata-chan and Naruto
Naruto: Bye Mr. Hiashi.
After they leave, they walk towards the village.
Hinata: (blushes) S-sorry about m-my daddy.
Naruto: (smiles and blushes) Its ok Hinata-chan. Your dad just loves you thats all.
Hinata: (blushes and smiles back) S-so where a-are we g-going Naruto-kun?
Naruto: That is a secreat. You just have to wait and see. (smiles)
Hinata: (blushes) I wonder where hes taking me.
They arrive at a fancy resturant first.
Waiter: Name of the party.
Naruto: Uzumaki please.
Waiter: Ahhh here we are. Right this way. (leads them to a nice private table away from everyone else and hands them the menu) Your waiter today is Akira-chan.
Naruto: Thank you sir. (pulls out a chair for Hinata to sit down.)
Hinata: (she blushes and sits down.) Thank y-you N-naruto-kun.
Naruto: Your welcome (smiles and sits down and looks at the menu)
Hinata: (smiles and looks at the menu) So w-what a-are you going to o-order?
Naruto: Hmmmm.... I dont know yet, what about you?
Hinata: I might get the Shrimp with the Ramen Noodles.
Naruto: Oooo that sounds good. I might get that too. (smiles)
Akira-chan: Hi I'm your waiter for this evening, can i ask you what you want to drink?
Naruto: Yes I will have a root beer and Hinata what do you want to drink?
Hinata: (blushes) A-a coke.
Akira-chan: Ok so we got one root beer and one coke?
Naruto: Yup
Akira-chan: Ok coming right up. (she leaves)
Naruto: So how are you Hianta-chan?
Hinata (blushes) Im fine what about you?
(Akira-chan comes back and hands them their drinks and takes thier order and she leaves again)
Naruto: Im fine thanks for asking. (smiles)
Hinata: (blushes and smiles)
(Akira-chan comes back with their food and she asked if theres anything elese that they need, they say no and she smiles and walks away)
They start eating thier food in silence and then Hinata breaks the silence.
Hinata: S-so hows your food?
Naruto: Its fine and yours?
Hinata: Its good *blushes and smiles*
After they finish eating, Naruto pays for the food and they leave. He thens leads her towards this beautiful waterfall and they sit down. That's when things get a little heated.
Naruto: (blushes) I know this sounds a little crazy but werent you the girl who was doing the waterfall dance that night?
Hinata: (turns a deep red) H-how did you k-know that w-was m-me?
Naruto: (blushes even more) I dont know, I just had a feeling that was you. You look really gracefull.
Hinata: (turns redder) T-Thank you N-naruto-kun.
Naruto: (blushes and leans closer to Hinata) Your welcome.
Hinata: (turns red and fiddles with her fingers) ....
Naruto: (blushes and lifts her head up so he can see her and then leans to kiss her)
Hinata: (turns really red and kisses him)
Naruto: (wraps his arms around her waist and keeps kissing her)
Hinata: (turns deep red and keeps kissing him and wraps her arms around his neck)
Naruto: (naruto pulls bac to look at his watch) Crap its 10:55!!
Hinata: (blushes) Oh n-no we have t-to go now!
Naruto: (grabs her hand and they run to Hinata's house)
Hinata: (blushes and runs to her house)W-were not g-gunna make it!
Naruto: Oh yes we are (picks Hinata up bridal style and starts jumping all the way to Hinata's house. 10:59)
They touch the front steps just in time. Naruto sets her down just as Hinata's dad opens the front door.
Hiashi: I see you brought my daughter back home in time.
Naruto: Yes sir
Hinata: Daddy leave h-him alone. (blushes)
Hiashi: Ok fine since he brought you home on time Im going to let it go.
Hinata: T-hank you daddy (hugs her dad)
Hiashi: Im going to leave you two alone for a couple of minutes to say your goodbyes.
Naruto: Thank you sir.
(Hiashi leaves the two alone)
Hinata: Thank y-you Naruto-kun f-for everything. (blushes and smiles)
Naruto: No problem Hinata-chan (leans in and kisses her and brings her close)
Hinata: (kisses him back)
Naruto: (pulls back and smiles)
Hinata: (blushes and smiles)
Naruto: Wow...ummmm....I guess I have to let you get inside.
Hinata: Y-yea I guess (kisses his cheek while blushing and hugs him)
Naruto: (blushes and pecks her on the cheek)Bye Hinata-chan
Hinata: (smiles)Bye N-naruto-kun (she opens the door and looks at Naruto one more time before shutting the door)
Naruto smiles and starts to walk home.
Naruto: Best night ever.
Hiashi: So did you have fun?
Hinata: It was the best night ever. (blushes)
Hiashi: (smiles) Thats good.
Hinata goes into her room and lays on her bed and thinks about what just happened.

The End

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