The sky is so beautiful.
Peaceful.Yet not totally know to man.

What is the human mind when we lose the ability to think.
What happens to us when we lose the ability to feel.
Sometimes we feel that we'd rather not have feelings.
So that we need not feel sad.
At the cost of happiness.
Its said that the ability to remember is what sets us apart from animals.
But how true that is i doubt anyone knows.
Do i want to be an animal?
Sometimes i'd rather not remember.
Memories can help you become stronger. But i guess it can also make you weak.
People often say they want to be this or that.
Do they accomplish that?
I doubt so.
I am one of those people.
I neither have riches.
Nor do i have the ability to make one forget their problems.
Nor do i have the ability to be one of the most understanding person on earth.
What i have is nothing much than my heart and my pride.
What would happen if one day i threw that away.
I threw that away in hopes i get something that was worth it.
And after throwing it away without a moment's notice,you think what you sacrificed it for would last forever.
But time and again something always has to come up. To make you so afraid.
To make you think you have lost everything.And that everything you placed your hope in just crashes. What would happen
Or instead, what would happen if every good thought which you try to do in deed turns out wrong everytime you do it.
Was hoping wrong?
I clinged onto hope.
Like a sloth to a tree branch.
slow to move either up or down. But hard to remove it from where it is.
my head is confused.I cannot tell heart from head.
I know i love.
but do i know if i love in vain?
do i know if i hope in vain?
i know not what i think.
i am weak
i am weak....i am..



I Love You

I Miss You

Telling your parents

Somtimes it is hard to tell your parents that your gay, bi, or lesbian it may be just how they would react or it could be because of religous reasons. For example I have not told my parents yet. The thing is that your parents will find out sooner or later and it will be easyer on them if you tell them sooner but if you can't that is ok. If you want them to find out a different way besids straight out telling them then ok whatever is better and easyer for you.