Okay. I just thought that I'd write a bit about me. Even though I suck at this kind of thing. Well, here we go.

I'm Danni. You could probably tell that from my username... right?
I'm thirteen, and I attend this really lame grammar school in England. I'm failing a lot of my subjects, but I'm pretty good at Design Tech and Art... I'm a creative person.
Um, I spend at 3-6 hours a day doing stuff to do with anime or manga. >Nerd<

I can't really give a list of ALL the anime I've watched. Because that would be a waste of my precious time. :D

But here's just a few of my favourites/completed anime/anime that I am watching:

Bleach < AWESOME
Death Note < Also awesome.
OHSHC < Hilarious
Black Butler <Just.. mind-boggling
Kaichou wa maid-sama <Funny
Special A < Idk, I just managed to complete it. ^_^
Kimi ni Todoke < Sweet
Fullmetal Alchemist (+ Brotherhood) < I cant put how great it is into words
Code Geass < It's addictive (I SWEAR)
Psychic Detective Yakumo <(Kind-of good, but the art put off at first)
The World God Only Knows < I could really relate to the main character.
Arakawa Under the Bridge <LOVED the art style, epic.
Bakuman < I just like the originality of this
Fruits Basket <It's a shame that it was discontinued... :/
Seitokai Yakuindomo <Hilariously perverted. Great for dirty-minded people. o-o
Toradora! <Funny, can relate to main character.

Wow. >Has written more than she planned to<

Erm. I don't really know what else to say about me, apart from the fact that I hate DESPISE building furniture, and I'm sick of the way the instruction manuals are always printed incorrectly. Horrible, horrible things. xD

Uh. Okay. Goodbye? :D

Also, my world was inspired by the lovable Star, from Arakawa Under The Bridge.

Creepy. o-o


WHAT. o-o