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Touhou Project(music)

I am Vocaloid User.

Manga magazine that I am usually reading:
Weekly Jump(boy)
Monthly Jump(boy)

Yumeironoenogu PaintEmotion
However, I like to see the picture better than to draw the picture.

Yunomi-P plagiarized the illustration. "Yunomi-P" that drew the illustration of animation popular "Magnet" plagiarized the illustration of Gundam. The plagiarism that she did is not to be permitted very much. Therefore, this matter takes o...

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I edited animation.
I had [miku] sing.
I practiced using MikuMikuDance.
It shortens more than former animation for a few seconds when this animation is up-loaded.


The model data has entered software.
It is software that moves the model data.

This animation is making of them the dance by software named MikuMikuDance.

In addition, animation for which MikuMikuDance is mainly used

MikuMikuDance is a freeware. This software corresponds to English.
let's try.


It is a reprint of the reprint again.
Another person had Luka sing.
I did not allow her to sing.
Luka(Vocaloid) sings Scarborough Fair.
I like Scarborough Fair.
I heard Simon & Garfunkel and Sarah Brightman sing many times.

Touhou(TOHO) Project

I like music of "Touhou project".
"Touhou project" is a popular personal computer game among Otaku in Japan. It is sold only in the limited circulation. It is not possible to obtain it easily by a usual means.

A lot of images related to "Touhou project" are being up-loaded to YouTube by fans.
It is recommended because there are a lot of happy images.