Hi there this is my world about Hikaru & Koaru only I hope you all enjoy it and please enjoy this video of the twins...

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hikaru's love part 2

Once class was over Hikaru and Koaru came over and this is what they told me, “If you can guess which one of us is Hikaru then we’ll show you around if not then oh well you’ll just have to find everything out on your own.” "Ok you’re Hikaru.” I said pointing to Hikaru. “Wrong oh well looks like you have to…” “Oh but you know I’m right. Hikaru is this one and Koaru is that one. So don’t tell me that I’m wrong again because I’m not stupid.” I said with a smile. Well after a moment of silent they both laughed and showed me around school. Well after we were done with everything they brought me to the host club. “Wait out here ok.” “Hikaru be nice she can come in.” “Fine whatever.” So when I went in I saw my cousin and went back for the door. "Where do you think you're going Rose?" Kyoya's voice echoed through out the room. I turned around and sighed, "Hey Kyoya." "What's with the additude?" "Well you think I want to hang around my cousin all day when I have to stay with you?"

hikaru's love part 1

Hello my name is Rose and I am attending Ouran high School *YES!* Oh sorry I have always wanted to go since my cousin wrote to me about it. Well when I got to his house we began to talk about what class I would be in. "You're going to be in class 1A like some of our members of the Host Club." Oh yeah did I mention my cousin was Kyoya Ohatori? Well he is. So the next day I had trouble finding my class, but don't worry I made it and in the front I saw a pair of HOTT looking twins. "Class I would like you all to help welcome Ms. Rose Diamond to Ouran. Hikaru you and Koaru can show her around school today and I'm pretty sure Kyoya wouldn't mind if you're late for the club today seeing how she is his cousin." the teacher said as I found a seat in the far back.