Hey. What's happening guys?
You know... I don't see why everyone is hating on Justin Beiber so much. Ok so sure, I hate him too. But really... What did he do wrong? He never said anything bad or... Did anything bad. Seriously... It's been bugging me recently... But oh well~
So tell me guys, what do you do when you're bored? When you actually don't have any paper and pencils to draw with? What do you do? When your friends aren't even on facebook? Well, the ones you want to talk to anyways... But seriously.
Anyways, I'm pretty bored and am kinda in the mood for writing something really long and kind of detailed I guess. So uhh... Here it is.
No, that doesn't mean that I am writing you a story XD. I mean... I would. But ya. Writers block and shizzle~
Uhh ok, fine. Take your stinky story >.>
So, this girls name is Jeta Blaze. That's her real name. For real. Anyway, she's an evil son-a-bish who actually saves the world from domination~ Yeh, weird I know. Anyway, Jeta Blaze has got long red (not orange) hair. And she has got some epic skillz with knives. Her brain is well over the standard it should be. And so she can cover up a murder scene easily, leaving NO evidence what so ever. Thus, she is still out in the open. Killing her targets one by one. ANyway, here goes.

Jeta chuckled lightly as a so called 'man' whimpered against the brick, alleyway wall. "You sorry excuse for a human~" Jeta laughed. Honestly, what kind of a man would cower at the sight of a knife? Jeta definitely didn't look intimidating. In fact, she looked sweet and innocent. So it would be only too easy for this man to fight back to Jeta. But no, Jeta had already violently thrown him against the wall, his meagre attempts of throwing her away being completely futile. Chuckling once more, Jeta closed the gap between her and the man, grabbing him by the neck and pressing him against the wall as her body touched his.

Her knife lightly caressed around his lips as a grin grew on Jeta's face. Her breath tickled his olive skin as her lips neared his neck. Lightly her tongue moved across the skin on his neck as she continued to increase the pressure on the knife. Soon it would pierce through his skin and blood would drip over his lips. As her lips moved away from his neck, she slid her knife along his skin to his neck. "Pleasure doing business with you." She said with a grin, slitting his throat before he had the chance to draw another breath. With one last sinister chuckle, Jeta escaped the alley way, back into civilisation.