Hapy New Year (Sorry ^.^")

Yeah yeah, it's really quite late, I know. Sorry to my whole ten subscribers~ which probably won't be reading this -heavy sigh- I'll get more one day, I promise. I shall get more arts out for you guys. GOOD arts XD. That look pleasing to the eye :P

Anyway, I had a really great year last year. And I hope all you guys did too~ Of course, I had my downs, as everyone does, unfortunately. But with every down there were so many good points. It's like... Last year was one of the most amazing of my life. I met new people that changed me... Changed me a lot and how I viewed things.

Like my good ol' friend Rasui. Yeah, before I met him I was about as literate as a dead cat ^_^" then he introduced me to his style. At first I was a little intimidated with how literate he was. Yeah, it was scary. But I slowly grew used to it. And even changed my post styles to be prettier to the eye. And then after that I started writing whole paragraphs. And multiple in one post. I was so proud. And I just kept getting better and better. And it just made me so happy when I roleplayed with him because I was almost equal to his standards. I felt good about myself ^.^
But I stopped talking to him for a while... And with that I stopped roleplaying. And then... I just downgraded from there... But this year I promise myself that I'll talk to him more. And roleplay more with him. So I can become as good as I was.

Another friend that changed me would be nosheep. She's such an amazing artist, her drawings are beautiful. And she does them so quickly too. She inspires me to draw. Well, she's one of the many sources.
There is also Quarks. Quarks is a great drawer but she's really quite stubborn about it. And she is the most amazing colourer ever. She colours better than anyone could digitally. It's amazing. She's also an AMAZING writer. So she inspires me to write also :)Once again, though, she is stubborn. But hey, nothing I can do about that.
Next up I must bring you my dear school friend. I won't bring her name up but she is such a great drawer. It's really a quite realistic style. Sometimes I wonder how she knows about all the shading and stuff XD. She's so impossibly good for her age. It's scary.

Next up I have kamagirl. She's something special. My little ninja girl who is a black belt two dan in karate. She's fun-sized too ;D. I get along with her really well. We find the same things amusing and have the same interests. A great friend she is.

Can't forget about caz. Definitely the weirdest person I've ever met. She's the kind of girl who wears clothes that are brightly coloured and too small for her XD. It makes her look ridiculous. And it's so obvious too XD. She was a funny one. And moved schools D:. I'm going to miss her. She was a great friend.

Now just a few names of people which have been significant in my previous year~
Oasaka ~ a great roleplayer and drawer. Inspiring and a beautiful personality
Bluebell ~ You're my little carrot top :) An amazing singer, the best I know, and also a great drawer.
No Eyes ~ Where do I start... Lats year, you were the person that was definitely the most significant. I know you won't read this but I just want to thank you. For being so amazing to me ^.^ no matter what happened you were always there... Thank you.
Haydicks ~ Ahh, my little faggot~ dunno what I'd do without this lil' troll ^.^. You're great, Haydicks :)
And last but not least a big thank you to everyone else out there who's been supporting me with everything :)
Thanks guys~ you're all really amazing. And I'm so glad you're a part of my life ^.^
I love you all <3

Sorry, guys

For those of you that care, I'm sorry for my lack of posting things. I've been busy with school and stuff. But now that I'm on holidays, I can promise you that I will be knuckling down and actually doing some work.

And on another note, I've recently opened up an Art shop on Gaia so I'll be busy with that avi art. Just for you guys, I'll post that art up on theO. Just 'cause I'm nice :3

But yeah, over these Christmas holidays, I shall try harder~

Love you all

How to cheat iTunes~

Ok, let's go and cheat iTunes~
So, to move your music from your iPod to the computer (I'm not entirely sure about this, I haven't tested it so... Yeah~)
First step: Go into iTunes (With your iPod connected... Duh)
2: Make sure your iPod is on manual (As in you can move music to it manually)
3: Press the music tab on the side bar.
4: Now highlight the music you want to move to the computer
5: Ok, so now comes the confusing part. You need to drag these songs to this little thing in the side bar that's underneath your iPod picture. It should say 'Purchased'. Drop it there.
6: Once it's all moved, right click on your little iPod picture
7: Now click 'Transfer Purchases'
8: This will delete the purchases off of your iPod but put them into your normal library (This happens with EVERYTHING you downloaded on via your iPod so be prepared to put it all back on)

I suggest not trying this :3 it probably won't work XD... Yeh XD


Hey. What's happening guys?
You know... I don't see why everyone is hating on Justin Beiber so much. Ok so sure, I hate him too. But really... What did he do wrong? He never said anything bad or... Did anything bad. Seriously... It's been bugging me recently... But oh well~
So tell me guys, what do you do when you're bored? When you actually don't have any paper and pencils to draw with? What do you do? When your friends aren't even on facebook? Well, the ones you want to talk to anyways... But seriously.
Anyways, I'm pretty bored and am kinda in the mood for writing something really long and kind of detailed I guess. So uhh... Here it is.
No, that doesn't mean that I am writing you a story XD. I mean... I would. But ya. Writers block and shizzle~
Uhh ok, fine. Take your stinky story >.>
So, this girls name is Jeta Blaze. That's her real name. For real. Anyway, she's an evil son-a-bish who actually saves the world from domination~ Yeh, weird I know. Anyway, Jeta Blaze has got long red (not orange) hair. And she has got some epic skillz with knives. Her brain is well over the standard it should be. And so she can cover up a murder scene easily, leaving NO evidence what so ever. Thus, she is still out in the open. Killing her targets one by one. ANyway, here goes.

Jeta chuckled lightly as a so called 'man' whimpered against the brick, alleyway wall. "You sorry excuse for a human~" Jeta laughed. Honestly, what kind of a man would cower at the sight of a knife? Jeta definitely didn't look intimidating. In fact, she looked sweet and innocent. So it would be only too easy for this man to fight back to Jeta. But no, Jeta had already violently thrown him against the wall, his meagre attempts of throwing her away being completely futile. Chuckling once more, Jeta closed the gap between her and the man, grabbing him by the neck and pressing him against the wall as her body touched his.

Her knife lightly caressed around his lips as a grin grew on Jeta's face. Her breath tickled his olive skin as her lips neared his neck. Lightly her tongue moved across the skin on his neck as she continued to increase the pressure on the knife. Soon it would pierce through his skin and blood would drip over his lips. As her lips moved away from his neck, she slid her knife along his skin to his neck. "Pleasure doing business with you." She said with a grin, slitting his throat before he had the chance to draw another breath. With one last sinister chuckle, Jeta escaped the alley way, back into civilisation.

Bored.. Annoyed as HELL

Don't you just hate it so much when you type a whole LOAD of writing and then it's all DELETED! AHHHH
I had this REALLY massive post and I tried to add in an image and then it deleted all of my writing... v.v
Oh well... It was a pretty cool train of thought too.... Ahh well, I'll just have to have another one~
Oranges are tasty
Astronaut ice cream is also tasty
The first place I had astronaut ice cream was at an anime convention called Manifest
I met LittleKuriboh at Manifest and also got a really awesome hat and Pocky~
I love Pocky. Pocky is so tasty~
At first I though Pocky was a Japanese word but it turns out that it's Thai... I think
But oh well~ I'm wrong a lot. Even when I'm confident I'm right I'm not 0.0
Oh wells~
I really like sentences that are sentancy enought to eat and confuse edible already eated people who were meanted to be confuzzled by the confuzzling sentence. Woah~
Well, the last one I wrote was definatelly a lot more confusing. Oh wells~
Well... I'm bored. I kind of feel like drawing but I can't be screwed phailing at the moment. Don't you just hate it so much when you phail at every picture you attempt to draw of something. Sigh, I just wish we could all be instantly good. It would make everybody feel so much better about themselves.
But I guess I do like drawing better than people. It makes me feel better about myself. -insert mrgreen here-

Well... I think that I'm going to go now because I was bored and am still bored.