My designs for ASEAN 10 (including the official Vietnam and Thailand character.
I'm exited what will they look like officialy :D
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A drawing before going to bed. Guess who? XD

Another request, lol XD

I'm having a lot of requests lately(it started just yesterday, I dunno why, since no one asked me like that before =_=)

Anyway, I made this one for another friend. Her French Colony!Laos OC.
lol, most of the request are hetalia, others are different anime with styles not related with each other (I can't art-shift back and forth that easily... @[email protected] But, got to try! XD)

Oh, btw. someone asked me if I do commissions. what the heck is that?
is it diff from an art request? I need to know T__T

Spain and Sicily drawing

an art request for a friend at DA. Her OC(Sicily) and Spain.
I'll put it here for now.(I'm submitting too many hetalia, lol XD)