Hello there and welcome to Hetalia Fans United, ehehe... The title may change, if you have any ideas, please! Feel free to tell me them!

Anyways this world, as you may be able to tell, is for all the fans of hetalia! Everyone! As long as you know what Hetalia, like it, and would want to join a world created for the fans of it, then you are perfect for this world! ;)

Do you like Canada, eh? Or the hero America? How about England and his flying mint bunny? The pasta loving italian Italy (N.Italy)? Or his brother Romano (S. Italy)? How about the seriouse Germany? The calm Japan? Or China-aru? Are you a fan of Russia, da? Or the creeper France? The awesome Prussia? How about Spain? Or, like, Poland? The Baltics Nations? Lithuania? Latvia? Estonia? Oh! Or are you a fan or another Country? Hm...? Yes! Perfect!

Nothing to bad, no strong language (but It can have some! of course!), if your posting yaoi then I beg you please keep it at a minimum! and I'm sorry but NO! yuri!
do not be rude, offensive, or anything that could hurt someone's feelings, cause I will take you off my world!
Try to keep it pg 13 please


Since this is a hetlia world, you must post about HETALIA! I do not mind if you post from the web comic, Axis Powers, World Series, Paint it White! No matter! YOu can post about your favorite character, pictures from the internet, your drawings, videos, comics, your fan-fictions, anything hetalia related! Okay?

Leader; Me
Co-Leader; Romanos Vixen
Hero Dude
Bluemoon Halo

If you wish to join pm me or comment on my posts, kay?

Well hope you all enjoy!


Woo! *clears throat*
Anyways I am currently redesigning the whole... design of this little hetalia based fan-world thing!
I HOPE to be more into this and active! Hopefully I'll see you guys around? COME ON!

Friday!! last night

if you don't like Rebecca Black's Friday the don't watch this
featuring the Hetalia characters!
America - Rebecca Black
Ramano - Raper dude

Hetalia Crossover?

Hey,hey,I just joined,thank you FallenAngel-senpai!
So far my favorite character is Italy and/or Japan.

So,I found this while browsing thorugh Hetalia videos on youtube.
I'm not sure if any of you have seen it,but take a look!

I love how America is the drummer!
Oh,and here's the original opening if you want to take a look.

I'm obsessed with Hetalia!!and K-ON! XD

My favorite character

Is China XD!~ because he loves the animals~ Thanks so much for adding me AngelChan =D I have decided that is my nickname for you =w=. *hoping you don'...

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Aw look at Canada with Kumajiro x3
So cute, eh??