Welcome and thank you for deciding the come to the Clan of Heroes. My name is Cap'n Luigi, I'm 34, telekinetic and can read minds and can phase through solid objects. (weaknesses are on a need to know basis, that way no villains can read my weaknesses and exploit them to other villains) Warning: This is only for people who are heroes and who have good intentions in their hearts! NO VILLAINS ALLOWED. So if you will, I'll need the following information.





WEAKNESSES: (that way I can find a way to protect you in battle):


As soon as you get this filled out and send me a pm with your info, I'll gladly look it over and decide whether to let you join or not.

Tracking Down the Crime

If your gonna be a hero, you gotta be alert every hour on the hour. And to do that, build a large super computer with these functions: alarm to alert you of an impending crime, tracking computer, and transmission module. With these functions for your computer, you can stop any crime! Oh and another thing, put up a police radio in your HQ just in case your computer didn't pick up the crime, that way you still will be able to know of the crime on time.

Oh and when your crime alert picks something up, look into the scene of the crime from your computer. This way you can also make sure whether the crime is real or just a false alarm. Because no hero wants to come driving in in his car, jump out and find out that it was just an alarm test.

If captured, do the following:

If you are captured by your arch nemesis and you need an escape plan, I suggest keeping the following on hand: something sharp (like a knife or a sharp boomerang like batman has), a few bombs, some smoke pellets, something to beat up your enemies with, and a vehicle outside the premises to drive off in once you escape.

In the situation where about to be crushed between 2 walls, NEVER EVER try and push the doors apart with your back and feet you'll get crushed anyway!! That is if your like Superman, then you can just punch a hole through 1 of the walls and fly out. BUT IF YOUR NOT, USE AN EXPLOSIVE OR A STRONG LASER TO PUT A HOLE THROUGH ONE OF THE WALLS!! And if your not the type to use laser, use something like a very big and very strong drill. Cap'n Luigi over and out.


Outfits are important to the hero. Always makes sure that the costume or disguise your wearing fits your superpower, take the green lantern for example, he can emit green rays from his ring and fly, so he put on a green and black suit. And it fit the powers he has perfectly! And if you have powers like that of Superman, don't wear a costume that has your tights showing on the outside. I know it's a trademark but it's a completely creepy look, to see a super hero with his tights on the outside.

The best kind of suits there is out there are the suits that have gadgets built into them. Think of Tony Stark (aka Iron Man), and Samus Aran, they both have fully powered body suits that have built in gadgets to help them fight! If you do get a suit, get a nice paint job to go with it, like flames (that be my choice if had a fully powered body suit). One last thing on costumes, masks, if your gonna get costume to disguise the body, get some thing that will cover you head or face so that villains or people don't figure you out if your in battle.

A Few Tips for Newcomers

I will also be handing out tips for you newer heroes who are just getting the hang of things. This one is a bit obvious but should always be done, training, train yourself and your powers so you can better control them. Unlike Cyclops from X-men who never trained his power and now they shoot randomly all over the place when his shades fall off! Exercise, you need to be strong and in shape if you wanna kick some evil arse! Because nobody wants to be outta breath when they're trying to destroy a giant robot, or something to that nature.

And for all you heroes who don't have powers, like Batman for instance, always ALWAYS keep a belt of useful gadgets on hand. Never ever go into a fight without at least a few grenades or small bombs on hand. If you like to fight your enemies hand-to-hand, invest in some martial arts training, that way you don't get the crap beaten out of you if your fighting someone. OH, one last thing, vehicles, build a car or jet for yourself so your not trying to run to the crime on foot! That's it for now, this is Cap'n luigi going out!