Why (random poem...)

so i wrote a poem because i had some rhymes in my brain.

tears about you are the sweetest to cry
familiar memories fall as goodbyes
familiar feelings that take up my eyes
familiar words that i'm thinking, but why?
why keep them so close, tucked inside of my heart
why not just forget, and let a new life start
especially when it all was so far
even if I know you've left me with a scar
a scar that resembles the shape of your face
a scar that resembles our words interlaced
a scar from the way i still hopelessly chase
the you that i knew, though I have lost the race.
and this race i had lost was the hardest i've tried
but instead now the memories fall to goodbyes
familiar memories, blue as your eyes
and all of these words i've been thinking, but why?