Well as you already know...Here it is! What's here? a bunch of random stuff like contests, sneak peeks of some unfinished art, videos I thought were funny,or just thoughts on life or whatever. Drop in anytime to enjoy it!
-Mei ;3

random poetry

you haven't seen so much, but only time can show you.
so many moments such, so many things to throw you.
so much to face ahead, although you can't help look below you.
our lives may never touch, my love, but i still want to know you.
I love these rivers much, my love, but i still want to know you.

Why (random poem...)

so i wrote a poem because i had some rhymes in my brain.

tears about you are the sweetest to cry
familiar memories fall as goodbyes
familiar feelings that take up my eyes
familiar words that i'm thinking, but why?
why keep them so close, tucked inside of my heart
why not just forget, and let a new life start
especially when it all was so far
even if I know you've left me with a scar
a scar that resembles the shape of your face
a scar that resembles our words interlaced
a scar from the way i still hopelessly chase
the you that i knew, though I have lost the race.
and this race i had lost was the hardest i've tried
but instead now the memories fall to goodbyes
familiar memories, blue as your eyes
and all of these words i've been thinking, but why?

AX 2010

Well, my sister and i went to AX this year. which is weird because shes a little bit of an anime hater. but i looked in the closet the night before and we happened to have most the things for the character amu hinamori from shugo chara! hahah so its not so complete a costume but just remember hers was last minute so dont bag on her k =]? shes 17 years old (senior in high school now) so i didnt tell her that amus in the 4th-6th grade i think lol.
i went as yui hirasawa from k-on and ill be honest, i chose it because the outfit was cute. BUT i did watch the whole series after i ordered the costume. we are surprisingly similar for something i so randomly picked. and dont bag me for not having a guitar "guitah" with me. im not spending like 800 dollars on a cosplay outfit. sorry! hahahah. i know im a little young to be playing like a sophmore/junior/senior in high school but it would work in like a year or two!! hahaa anyways, i hope you enjoy our random picture! =]

Love Always,

Furlough Vacation!~

Okay. probably THE BEST break ever. friday-saturday: Sleepover with Mewichigo300. ILY Sunday: my hangout day. party with my big sister =) Monday-tuesday: sleepover with Okitaru369 ILY2 Wednesday: probably the funnest day e...

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Cutest vid ever along with the funnest song ever. =)