Greetings, traveler! Welcome to the WORLD dedicated to saving the lives and homes of many of Earths beautiful, phenomenal beings. Here you can learn how to give animals food just by one click of your mouse, What you can do with scissors to save lives in the ocean, and so much more. This WORLD is very informational and is more important than you may think. By simply reading a few sentences, you could be saving lives. Please share this WORLD freely with others but give credit to me.

"Each blade of grass has its spot on earth whence it draws its life, its strength; and so is man rooted to the land from which he draws his faith together with his life."
~~Joseph Conrad

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I'm sorry that this WORLD hasn't been used too active, but I have these two links to websites where you can click and save things, such as acres of big cat habitat and rainforest, where you can help give a woman a mammogram, you can feed and care for animals, and a lot more! And they only take a few seconds!

Feed starving people, help give mammograms, give child health care, give books, protect rainforest and endangered habitat area, and give food to pets at:

Help children, protect rainforest, protect big cat habitat, give to finding a cure for breast cancer, support dental care, feed pets, save seals, save oceans, feed rescued primates, stop global warming, stop violence against women, and protect threatened wolves at:

NOTE: for your impact to be tracked (the site keeps track of what you've done, e.g. save X acres of rainforest, etc.!) on, you need to create an account. You do not, however, need an account to give. :)

I cannot impress how important these are. They are extremely good. They save lives. Many, many, many lives. Please go to these links and click.

Please comment if you will visit, already are visiting, etc.
Thank you all so much. The seals you have just saved thank you too. :D



Deforestation is a major issue concerning almost every single continent. Just now, in the last second, a whole 2.47 acres of the Amazon Rainforest alone were cut down. There is also a wonderful thing called reforestation. This is replanting the trees in dry and rain forests. If people do not act immediately to curb deforestation for good, experts estimate that in 30 years time from now, the earth's surface would be left naked, without forests.
There are ways you can help!
Doing simple things to help like recycling paper and going to visit and click at the link I gave in the first post are small, but big at the same time.
Please help stop Deforestation!