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Hello, Hooray

This is the beginning of the Hello, Hooray blog formally known as mine. Perhaps you've stumbled upon this by luck or interest, or more likely because of the lack of interest in life and pretty things in general; or most likely because i told you to fetch this url and you listened what a good dogie you are! I have this effect on people because i bought this little thing called "mined ctrl" off eBay and it's really working out for me. Anywho I just got my idea for my very first blog so listen up! :

^ what the hell is this?!

Why the hell is there a double space between each new paragraph?!

I mean, i get looking professional and all, but honestly.

What if the said 1 in a millionth person is going for unprofessional?
Fuck that honestly.
I'll be back with some photos later. Good night lost souls.

(You would understand the spaceing joke only if you've had experiance with Blogger.)

House of FIRE!

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