Hello Everyone!
I am Jenuza , but you can call me Jen and this will be my world.
I hope I can spend my time blogging and blogging here and be with you guys
so From today on I'll be blogging and posing here my creations and feelings
I hope our impression be mutual!

Iloveeverything that is cute especially in anime works, animations

I love anime and manga
Anime: Ginban Kaleidoscope
Slam Dunk
Detective Conan
Card Captor Sacura
Yamato Nadeishiko
Lucky Star
and so on.

Manga: Love Monster
High School Debut
Ouran High Host Club
Absolute Boyfriend
Black Bird
Skip Beat!
Gakuen Alice
and many more

Hope we can be Good Friends ! :*
See ya!

Tragic Love story (manhwa)

Hello everyone! I just want to share with you the manhwa that I am currently reading its entitled " The Bride of the water God "
This manhwa is so good, The Main character "soah" had many problems, pains, and adventure just to know the truth. She's the only human in the God's world and The exciting part is how can she win the love of the water God if the water Gpd (habaek) can't move in his past love " nakbin "

This story will make you stay until the end, Its a bit comedy

Thank you!

Romance and Supernatural manga~

Hello there!~
If you are looking for a romance and supernatural manga I recommend this manga to you. It was entitled as " Love Monster " This manga is one of my favorites! It has actions in it and Romance, but its a bit showy but not that revealing
You will love the story, and also the adventures and hindrances that the main couple will face. And also there's so many revelations that you will definitely love. This is also a comedy type and for that I will tell you that you will never get bored reading it.

It has a extraordinary plot of story, So I think It will be new to you and refreshing ALSO the main Guy is so so HANDSOME! I do like him
and the main girl is so so kawaii! I wanna be like her! XD
There love story is amazing and cute! So I suggest this to you. I hope you will read this! Thank you~ ENJOY! ~


First Vampire stuff..

Well Im not kinda into Vampire things such as Novels ( well its pretty famous on teens) Manga until I found this anime entitled " Vampire Knight " Well its only a recommendation from my classmate and then the fever began. The ending song freaks me out its kinda scary and I can't get out of my head when I went to sleep but then This anime is kinda special above all. I really don't know what;s the right term to say but it has a substance in it that keeps you eyes in touch with it, I think its the story , the story kinda excites me maybe that is why, But Vampire knight has so many fans (teen fans) and also some adult otaku.

If you like Vampire anime or manga I recommend this to you. You;ll love the story and the revealings :D and there's also a love triangle in it.


Extreme Comedy ~~ Anime

HEllo There ~
I wanna share with you the first and foremost anime that I appreciate since I became an anime addict . This is anime was entitled " Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi henge this anime is really really funny, the anime art is pretty fantastic I mean it is well done. Its really fun to read and to watch!
This anime made me worry and LAUGH (especially the tips that they will suggest you XD ) and all . This is one of my favorite anime well I have watched this when I was in my first year highschool. Maybe you have already watched this one because, This was made 3 years ago? or 2 years? I can't remember .
If you are looking for an anime or manga that is fun and comedy with watching romance and really good twist in the story better go for this one .
You'll have so much fun watching and reading this ! XD

Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge

Thank youu ! ~ Imissyouall! Hope you like this :D

Adventure , Romance Manga ~

Hello ~ If you are looking for something to read that is adventurous and Romance type of manga. I certainly recommend to you this manga entitled " Tsuki No Shippo " Or " Tail of the moon " .. Note : There's no school life in this manga but I definitely assure you that this manga will keep you glued until its last episode, This manga is simply amazing for me. Well I can say that this manga is unique and rare nowadays, Because most of the manga that has a romance type is in school,
In this manga, It has setting but Its really fun to read well Its funny and has a comedy in it. You will love the two main characters
The summary of the story is this:
The story takes place in the Tenshō Era of Japan. Usagi is a bumbling ninja-in-training in her village in southern Iga. Though she is already fifteen, she is a terrible ninja and has made no progress whatsoever. As a result, her grandfather gives her a special mission: to go to Segachi, marry Hanzō Hattori, the leader of the main branch ninja family, and bear his child. She is accompanied by Mamezo, her longtime friend, companion, and foster child. Once they arrive it becomes apparent that Hanzō has no intention of marrying anyone, and worse yet, it seems Usagi has a much more refined rival. It is clear that as Usagi spends more time with Hanzō, she is growing on him, though the fact that he is constantly bombarded with new potential brides makes Usagi self-conscious.

What's making you glued with it, Is the story line and the main girl character her hard work. This manga is also touching.
You will feel many emotions You'll laugh, you'll be nervous you will cry and all . XD

Its fun to read!
I hope you can check this manga, in manga.animea.net ^_^
I hope that we can talk about this manga ! :DD It will be fun!