Yep Firday

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Ughhh sooo tired! i work like a mad woman! with no real thanks and its hard ya know all i relay want is my boss to say oh you did a good job or thanks for all you do but i littlarty get 'why did you do this' or 'you did it wrong' when i do things wrong like ill do 15 things right than i do one wrong move or something and thats when they want to notice ya know not all the thing i do for them with out hesitation just the thing i fumbler or mess up on

thats most-like why im so tired all the time its sooo draining at work to just try and make them happy,,, heck iv been with the company for 4 yrs + but i dont know what im doing or so they say .. i could run the store with one other person but i cant make decisions on what to do next... i literary got yelled at for doing my job when thare was nothing else to do because my manager wanted to leave something for the night crew to do... so i get to sit around and do nothing? thats soo productive i like to be productive makes me happy

wow hello rant mc ranty.... and ways all of that to say im sorry for not realy posting anything in a while i am working on a cupple of wallapaers atleast 3 and some cards and what not

also be on the look out for patterns brushes and textures from me! i submitted them to the website i use and i hope they get accaepted

dont forget about my OLD SCHOOL challenge!

take care