The O Story!

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So got something for everyone to just glance at or take note of
This years THeO Story

kitabug69 does this wonderful story every year! and we come together with a topic and write a bit at a time like wee and stuff but we need one or two more writers! shes going crazy with people dropping out and what not and i want to help her (with this post getting the word out)

HEres the Lowdown!

Needless to say if you have time take a look and if you want to join! fantastic let The O Story know you can let me know or let kitabug69 know that you would like to join!

this is really fun and i bet you all have a little time to add to this awesome story!

well i was going to add more to the post but i forgot what i was going to add realy hehehe!

see you all around
~take care