Welcome to my hell. its a warm place i like to come from time to time
wont you join me for a bit?

No Alarm

My alarm didnt go offf today and i got up 45 mins late whoooo

.... so glad i give myself like 2 hrs to get ready and only take like 15 and the rest im just on the computer but im so tired.

i wish my posters where more coherent but yall just get me crazy typen!

been working on a new brush pack ill submit them and put them up when i finnish

might make a new world just for those it would be like LWs world of Photoshop brushes and textures and whatever luls ill see if i make it but i only have 2 thing at the moment so ill just link to it one texture and one brush set here

ohhh than i can make some Easter brush! like eggs and bunnys and stuff! lol ill see if i have the time
Also open for suggestions if you want a brush or a texture just ask ill try my best!!

also got into this new game

External Image

its guild wars 2! its super fun and i have no idea why i have been playing it so much ill play it for 3 hrs straight lul than go omg it was just 5 30 now its 8 30! so if im not around that much. not that i wont be around for an hr in the moring but someones on the computer playin games sometimes!lul

now i am rambling! time to end the post....

take care