Welcome to my hell. its a warm place i like to come from time to time
wont you join me for a bit?

Ello Everyone Take a read if you can thx

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this is something important to me
its a squirrel rehabilitation/ hospital in the lower part of the US in Florida
and i love squirrels so when i heard they are low on money i needed to get the word out... like they have a ton a babies but not enough food.
i do want to donate to them i do but money is tight until later this week so firday i do think i will throw them a few bucks maybe buy them something from thare wishlist on Amazon

anything to help ya know? i love animals and here are links to thare web site and thare face book page cute lil faces make me wanna donate even more
:D heheh



~take care~


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just been down lately
so i haven't been on
heck i haven't been on the computer AT all
i was on for maybe a hour the past 2 days
than i haven't even been sleeping to well but i don't want to do anything but sleep? i don't know just im a rut ya know? but i wanted to let yall knows am around just not doing anything
if you need me ill be here might upload things to the resourse site or to clockwork

~take care ttul~


Yes http://theotaku.com/worlds/rad_resources
is finally open! yeahhh its a world just for links to other sites ans stuff i am going to open it up to everyone who wants to add links or you can just tell me things to add but guest posters are always fun! :D
might make a weekly challenge not challenge but a weekly image that i pick and see what you can do with it and posts the cool results like
THis weekly image thing... ill think about what to do with that world i don't want it to be a dead world ya know want some life in it a bit :D

Yep noting really else to say ya know hahah :D
soo i will see everyone else later!

~ttul take care~


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its hot guys lol that's mostly why i haven't been doing much i dont want to think let alone type or do any thing on the computer!
but i am working on the list of sites and a whole world for resources and stuff!!
im going to make that into an open world ware everyone can post once i open it :D not much to say gong to be working on things here and there lol

~take care ttul~

X.X SLeeeppp

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SO TIRED *has big cup of coffee*
how do i wake up tired? tis insane maybe i have to sleep more? but i get 6 to 7 hr everynight T.T maybe go to bd a lil bit early but that shouldn't affect it tooo much i think GAH! i dont knowww

DEPENDENTLY will make a post if not a Little World on Resouses like Links to cool websites :D
with links to brushes and textures and ill even link to images (but most people do go to the ones i go to) but just to have all the links in one spot will make it ya know simpler and i hope it will boost the creativity on here! :D

Gah Just so tired T.T and i didnt even get to work yet >.> i need a vacation but if i dont work i dont get paid (yep no paid vacations in hell XD)

anywho ill see everyone around!

~take care ttul~