Welcome to my hell. its a warm place i like to come from time to time
wont you join me for a bit?


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wanted a challenge that wasn't a challenge ya know? just show me what you have and make it nice!
3 months to make as many i phone wallpapers that you want!

i cant wait to see what everyone is going to make free rain is going to be so awomse!!!
YEP... not much to say other than that

see you all around!

Secret Santa 2013!

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Secret Santa Ecards EVENT!
this is the first year i have ever done this and i think it will be vary fun! if you want to join too please click the link above we have about 5 people so far and can always use more. thare is also a Fan Art Secrit Santa if you cant make ECards!

Fan art Secret Santa
i will not be doing that since i can not draw... but feel free to join!!

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Still working on my challenge i have all the things set up but i need to get a list of people to invite that always gets me! i wish the list of people would save from my last challenge and i could move them over to this challenge but CHALLENGE TODAY I PROMISE!! once i get all the names together :D

also working on some textures and thing just nothing ready to share just yet!!

hmm nothing to much to say now so ill see yall later

~take care~

quick Question for Everyone :D

I am going to make a new contest
i just dont know what to make it for
should i make a wallpaper challenge, iphone wallpapaer challange or e card challenge?
i would love everyones feed back ust leave a comment and hopefully ill have a challenge up tonight or tomorrow!!

Quiz /Survey yay

stolen from Hifsa who Stolen form mangeandanimelove trolololo :3

Name: Lucy
Nicknames: Lucy chan lucy san anything Kieko i go by kieko :D
Eye/Hair Color: blonde light to dark and inbtween
Birthday: march 29

I like:sleeping,cooking,playing games, photography ,tea , animals!!!, not working lol

I dislike: anything to do with my job, mean,rude or stuck up people

Favorite Sport: none realy

Favourite Color: purple
Favourite Food(s): Tacos love tacos and potatos
Favourite Subject:i liked sociology
Favourite Quote: "Between two evils i always choose the one i never tried"

Favorite Anime:
angel sanctuary, Tokyo Babylon ,x/1999

Favorite manga: fruits baskets, i am no angel

Favorite Bands/K-Pop/J-Pop:
K-Pop =??
J-Pop = ???
Other Bands = theory of a deadman

Favorite Female Vocaloid(s):

Favorite Male Vocaloid(s):
Some Random Facts about me:

im always tired never get more than 5 hrs a sleep a night
i dont like pop music
haven't watch any new anime in forever!
no more random facts?

lolm idk

Quick update

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just wanted to stop by an say hello!

have a wallpaper in the works and a pack of brushes and a texture! those should be posted to Clock Work late today and hopefully the wallpaper will be up no later than tomorrow!

been thinking about making another iphone wallpaper challenge just because their was 3 wallpapers submitted today only 3!

i think ill make a crazy anything goes challenge like every and any wallpaper lol i don't know we will see once i get down too it :D

anyways im off to work to get my boss sick... since im sick and cant get a day off its a bummer but im more complaining about having to work with my boss than having to go to work i dont mind the job so much but my boss yells at me for everything and its getting old... but i dont want to bore everyone with that!

ill see you all later with more posts and some brushes and stuff!

~take care ttul~