Welcome to this lovely and lively place that is Hell! My father, Satan, pays me to run this place alongside him. He is the high and mighty King, and I am the Princess. Oh, and Damien, my brother, is the Prince Of Darkness, meaning he comes to Earth and tortures innocent souls with his scolding hellfire. If you answer the following question, you could become a Demon! Demons are of very high rank and work for the Prince/Princess Of Hell. Damien is not the Prince Of Hell, no. He is the Prince Of Darkness. I am the Princess Of Hell, so you could work for me like I work for Satan! Now, the question:

What is the name of the famous artist who chopped off his ear and gave it to his wife as a sign of his love for her? (Incorrect spellings will not be validated.)

Two things:

1. I'm changing the WDYL deadline to January 2nd, and if you win, AnnaKanda will draw you a fan art of your choice!

2. It's Hailea's birthday! Come, let's sing the Hell Birthday Song!

Happy birthday to you,
Hope you feel swell!
Happy birthday to Hailea,
Happy birthday from Hell!

Where Do You Live?

Yo, tormented souls! AnnaKanda and I created this new competition! All you have to do is describe Hell. The deadline is 30th October, and the winner will... hmm. Wait there...

Best mate

Unknown Key! Unknown Key!
You're a bezzie mate to me!
I'll let you be a Demon
Coz so far, yes, you are seemin'
To be my best ever pa-a-al!

Bobo The Clown Keyboard Meme Face


Technickal (Play FFXII and you'll understand) hitch!

I got AnnaKanda and UnknownKey confused! UnknownKey doesn't work for me, AnnaKanda does! Well, that's a load offa my mind!