Death Note.

+ Death Note.
Another of my favorites though not as great as Ouran High ;). I'm halfway through the anime series and I already love it. I have only read the first manga but it seems to keep with the anime pretty well as scenes and being word for word goes, which I like :).
My favorite character, as is for most people I've met that has seen it, is L(Lawliet).

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Ouran High School Host Club.

+ Ouran High School.
I'd have to say is my favorite of all favorites <3. It's adventurous, romantic, and oh so comical. I laugh for days afterward watching the anime. I am planning to read the manga once I get my hands on some money and buy them :D.
Oh, and my favorite characters (hands down) would be the twins, Hikaru and Kouru. They're a blasty blast<3.

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Ah. My First World Post.

Hey there :D. So in this World, I will be putting my favorite anime/manga/all that good stuff. I will also update you on any anime/manga/good stuff that I happen to come across and enjoy :). If you see one you like too, PM me and we can become best buds and talk about all the wonderful-ness of that anime ^-^. Excited? So am I!