We are the Heartless Of Hearts Organization don't mess with us we have a Heart Attack as our leader.Our goal is World Domination, get in our way and face total Annihilation..

If you wish to join talk to me or pm me Heartstop.I will see how active etc you are on our posts for a little while after which i will discuss it with the whole organization or two high ranking members.



werewolf queen

Chee Roxs

sasusaku 4ever

Support KIRA

chibi andy

maji de




Chibi Light

Axel Alloy


Miracle Star19

The rest of the stuff as what we will do,ranks,Code number and name etc is under process.We will update on everything as soon as possible.I and a few members are discussing the matters as we speak.So until then wait for the final unavailing.

My apologies for the delay

Hello all my members, I'm deeply sorry for all the delay i have caused for the past few weeks.You see i have my examinations going on at the moment and due to those and a few other things i have been very busy.So again my apologies for the delay i will get Organization into working as soon as i am done.

In the end i would just like to state if you have any problems or questions please do not hesitate and ask away.Well i will have to bid you all Farewell for now.Goodbye my Heartless minions.

Code 02 Hawkeye Tagged

Eye Color: One red One white
Hair Color: Black with red lowlights.
Height: 5ft4
Favorite Color: Black, Red and Silver.
Screen Name: Werewolf Queen.
Favorite Show: I have better things to with my time.
Your Car: Classified information.
Your Hometown: Classified information.
Your Present Town: Heartless of Hearts Organization.
Your First Crush's Name: Never had one.
Your Grade: Sub leader.

Sat on your rooftop? Yes, sometimes.
Kissed someone No, i do not condone with such things.
Danced in a public place? I have no plans to humiliate myself.
Smiled for no reason? Sometimes, but more often than not i have a reason.
Laughed so hard you cried? That is a rarity.
Peed your pants after age 8? No.
Written a song? No.
Sang to someone for no reason? Good grief no.
Performed on a stage? No.
Talked to someone you don't know? Yes, it's part of my job.
Gone out of your way to befriend someone? No.
Made out in a theater? No.
Been in love? I don't want to talk about it.

Say HI to you? Heartstop.
Tell you, I love you? Those who are close to me.
Kiss you? No one.
Hug you? Heartstop
Tell you BYE? No, we don't use good byes.
Write you a note? Myself.
Take your photo? Myself.
Buy you something? Myself.
Write a poem about you? No one.
Touch you? Heartstop when she hugged me.

Time you cried? I i don't cry.
Time you laughed? This morning.
Song you've sang? I don't sing.
Time you've looked at the clock? Was that a poor attempt at getting me to?
Drink you've had? Tea.
Book you've read? Medical books.
Food you've eaten? Nothing.
Shoes you've worn? My normal ones.
Store you've been in? Weapon store
Thing you've said? I will see you later.

Write with both hands? Yes.
Whistle? Yes.
Roll your tongue in a circle? Yes.
Cross your eyes? Yes.
Touch your tongue to your nose? Yes.
Dance? It's not that i can't it's i wont.
Stay up a whole night without sleep? Too many times.
Speak a different language? No.
Impersonate someone? No.
Make a card pyramid? No.
Cook anything? Pretty much.

If I were..In a good mood i might actually care.
I wish..World domination was easier.
So many people don't know that..I hide darkness in my heart.
I am..devoted to Heartless of Hearts Organization.

Continue this Tag members and post it here.

Weekly Event List+Discription

First of all i would like to apologize for delaying posting this for so long.Now let me introduce all of you to the Weekly event list.It is basically the list of the events that will happen each week.I will add more later on as i get more ideas or as we get proposals for some new events from members.

Hence here are some of the ones i have thought of i would like to ask you guys what day/days we should have them so we can begin our organization.

Weekly event list(with description)

1.TOD day – Headed by Chibi andy and Chee Roxs (still under consideration).This will probably be held on chat.

2.Anime day – Headed by Heartstop for the moment. This day is basically for discussion on Anime like say Bleach you can discuss about the latest chapter or episode (be subbed or dubbed) which is coming up etc. Basically for anime lovers to talk and enjoy themselves.

3.Chat Day – Conducted by any senior or above. We will pick a day when as many people can come on chat(after asking everyone about it offcourse), time can be decided later on. This is just so everyone can come on chat talk, rpg, have fun etc with all the members.

4.New ideas can be posted every day. Any idea of what you want to add to the organization.

5.Discussion to implement which ideas – headed by Heartstop or Any alt leader (I am thinking its day should be either Friday or Sunday or Saturday).This day is basically to consider all the new ideas and implement the ones which every liked and agrees on as soon as possible.

6.OMG ROFL Day xD. It will have different things like Funny Riddles, stories, rhymes or poems, facts, funny/hyper songs, Jokes, Something funny that just happened to you etc the possibilities are unlimited. So yes this day is basically for everyone to laugh themselves to death and have fun with it.

7.Cry me a river day T^T. It will have sad stuff like sad videos, songs, poem, Stories etc. As the name suggests it’s a day for everyone to cry their hearts out xD which I think will be a fun experience for all^^.

8.RPG day >:D every week a new adventure begins(For the moment either headed by Heartstop or Alt Leaders)

9.Favorite Character WOHOO day xD. Well it will have awesome pictures posted by me and other members of our Favorites. It is basically for fangirl/fanguys to go crazy and stuff with their fellow fans cause what’s more fun than talking about your favorite with other people?!

10.Chit Chat day^^ - Headed by Heartstop. This will basically be for everyone get to know each other a little bit more.

11.Game/Anime News day. Just to know about latest stuff going on in both games and animes.

12.Question day – Headed by Heartstop. You can ask the leader any questions you have about the organization.

13.Members Consideration day Only for Senior and Above Members. To consider which people to let join the organization (who have Pmed me and asked to join) and also to discuss promotions etc.

14.Heartless of Hearts Headlines – Headed by Heartstop or Alt leaders for the moment until a head is chosen. This will contain the latest stuff going on in the organization as new member joining, Top post of the week etc.

15.Report day All members( Not Rookies unless they are told to do so) must give a brief description of the things that have occurred to the leader. This is basically to keep the updated on all matters.

These are the events please let me know what days you think is best suited for each or even one if you can't think of all.I would like everyone's opinion on this so we can decide on this as soon as possible and begin.


Breaking the following rules will end in severe consequences...

1.Respect other members.

2.Listen to your superiors.

3.Keep everything to PG 13.

4.Speak/type properly in English.

5.Report any problems or complaints you have to the leader (Heartstop).

6.Try to stay as active as possible.

7.Try to let the leader know if you will be away for sometime.

8.Try to comment as much as possible, we all love positive feedback.

9.Most importantly have fun! We are all friends here.