So about Archangel...

Hey peoples! If any of you actually reading this actually still follow my art (yeah, i'm not NEARLY as active on here as I was last year) and my comics, cards, etc., you may have noticed that even though I have promised to post a chapter a week of Archangel, I haven't followed through (yes, just like my previous comics).

Even though I haven't been posting Archangel pages and stuff, my progress hasn't come to a screeching halt. I still do work on Archangel (I can't deny that progress has slowed due to AP summer assignments and driving :D), but I no longer see the point in investing time scanning and resizing if no one's really giving me any feedback or possibly even READING the comic. It may be because my pages aren't as polished as many of the other comics/mangas out there (I admit it, I haven't the patience anymore to sit down for hours drawing the stuff, inking it, and then edit it on GIMP...actually I don't have the patience or interest in sitting at the computer and doing anything digital that much anymore, as you can see, I've really switched from digital art to traditional) or maybe the fact that it really has a strong religious basis that people just aren't interested in (or there's controversy or whatever). It really doesn't matter.

Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that to those people who are viewing this post, viewing this post, or care enough to follow and provide comments/hugs/faves etc., I'm not posting anymore Archangel stuff (i'll still be working diligently on it though!) will perhaps be the same amount as now (special thanks to those who do follow my stuff. you're cool. :) )

Oh yeah, by the way, I know I sound all professional here, that's just what AP Language and AP Literature will do to ya. xD k bai.