Username Mix-Up? Why not? :D

So, when I saw the title and description of this challenge, I said "Hey, this must be for me!" You see, I used to frequent the chat all the time. Everyday. And they loved me for it. I made quite a lot of friends, and furthermore, had a lot of "fun times." Not lame "fun times," but actually fun "fun times." One of which I'll never forget. The username issue- or the username "Mix-Up" as I'd like to call it. :D

I entered the chat one day and started my usual chaos streaks- you know, blowing up buildings, chasing people with hacksaws. I hardly noticed when she entered the room- until someone yelled "HEART!" and followed that with an epic glomping. So, being the awesome person that I am, I glomped that person back. Then the person was like "ahaha, not you, Heart, that Heart." So I said, "WHAAAAAAT?!" and I looked around. I found out that a person named Heartstop enetered the room. I immediately held a grudge against her for stealing my nickname. >( And so, this is how our conversation went (sorta @[email protected]).

Heartkruez: Hi! :D
Heartstop: Hi.
Heartkruez: I see we have the same nickname!
Hearttstop: Yep.
Heartkruez: should change it!
Heartstop: WHAT?!?!?!
Heartkruez: We can't have two people with the same nickname...there would be mix ups! So since I was here first, you should change yours to like, I don't know...Stop? :3
Heartstop: Why can't you just change yours to Kruez? 0.o
Heartkruez: Because I don't want to. >>
Heartstop: Well that's too bad. >)
Heartstop: NEVER!!!! *evil laugh*

And so began the epic battle of nicknames. Sadly enough to say, Heartstop never ended up changing her nickname. I did. So that's why I always tell people to call me Kruez and not Heart. All because of the one fateful day when I met Heartstop. But she's cool, definently a buddy, but remember, I WILL ALWAYS BE THE TRUE HEART! *evil laugh*