SO. I'm back after another 2 years. I've matured a lot!!! XD uhm, this is still just a of which will probably remain ignored. I just got to ready to my old intro and I was like "wth was I talking about." i'm not goth/punk/emo...i'm just me! :D I'm 18 and i'm going to college. that's all you need to know. if you want more info just ask. oh, a note about my art. i've been drawing since 8th grade, and I specialize in African American art. i feel like there needs to be more of it! i'm trying to work on this manga called Archangel...but I'm sorta lazy and I get bored easily. :/



My art was on the front page!

SO AWESOME!!!! My picture, Caspa, was featured on the fan art page. idk how important it is in reality, but it's pretty important to me! yay!

So about Archangel...

Hey peoples! If any of you actually reading this actually still follow my art (yeah, i'm not NEARLY as active on here as I was last year) and my comics, cards, etc., you may have noticed that even though I have promised to post a chapter a week of...

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GUESS WHAT! I have been promoted to Otaku Legend status. A status I've wanted to achieve since I was a wee little Otakuite (I hope I didn't mispell that!). Anyway, I'm so excited!!!!! Thanks to those that sent me gifts. I appreciate ya. ^^



lol. hi poeple! thanks to an awesome and so far uneventful winter break, I have become more active! *cues ravenous applause* So....what have I been up to? SCHOOL. Don't get my wrong, I love school. I moved though, so I'm at a new sch...

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Lol, just putting it out there. See, since I volunteer at the hospital for 4 hours, i get a 30 minute break. Simple, right? Well, I went on break earlier today at 2:35 and went on the computer. I looked up again and noticed that it was 3:35. lol, sorry folks I work with. hope it wasn't TOO busy. xD

k bai. :)