Palpitations (Lyrics)

"Palpitations" is one of the first songs I will be transfering into guitar chords and hopefully posting on my Youtube channel. I hope it works out.

Written 6/5/12



I'll be alright
Been black and blue before
Not physically, no
But in a nest of self-inflicted gore
I hang my coat to dry
In the summertime it's nice
My skin sees no marks
But when winter comes around
Smiles are not shared
We do not speak
Old wounds begin to fester
But I keep it all on the inside

Smiles are good at that
I’m good at smiling

Blue is for the pain
Black is for stabbing me in the back
With every beautiful word you ever said
But I hold all of it back
Because this is how it’s supposed to feel
And I deserve every quick palpitation
That sends me to my knees
In the summer my skin is free
In the winter I belong to you

What would it take
To make my heart quiet?
I know I could be better
My heart could be stronger
But so could I
I suppose
We can’t have everything
I suppose

So I’ll frolic about
In my summer skin
Pretending smiles are a good compensation
Hoping to cross your mind
Even when your with him