Falling and Standing

Something I felt like I needed to write, especially at this time. Letting something go and forgiving yourself is way harder than I thought it would be... But I'm trying. I'm trying.


"Falling and Standing"
Written 5/20/12

Say that you believe in second chances
Cause if you don't
There's not a chance for me
If everyone deserves a happy ending
Then please give that chance to me
And this time
I'll hold it carefully

There is no cure for past mistakes
No rewind button on your side
But there's a pen and paper right in front of you
And a whole blank page to start over new

Sometimes at night I dream that I'm strong
That love can't hurt this body anymore
But if I fall again it cannot be worse
That believing I can never stand up again

Still I feel so small and useless
A china doll stuffed back upon a shelf
As if the dust is my companionship alone
And a heart of clay turned into crumbling stone

So please give me another chance
a ladder from the height of this dusty shelf
I didn't choose to be alone, but I choose to start again
And I choose to stand up when I fall

There are many pins and needles
under every pretty dress
Behind every face
A crying little girl
She can't take back what's stained her dress
Or dented her fair skin
But she can choose to love again
And she can choose to stand