You're Hurting Me.

I haven't posted many poems here in a long time.

Better say how I feel then, because this is what this world is for.


It hurts when you don't talk to me,
Because there's nothing for you to say to me
It hurts when you say you love me,
I know you're lying to yourself,
Because you'd love anyone
It hurts when you trust somebody,
And they use you to fill an emptiness in themselves
It hurts when you say you miss me,
When really you miss an object to talk to
It hurts when I gave up eveything for you,
And you don't give my side the time of day
It hurts when I'm trying to be the best I can,
And you hate how I love that side of my life,
So I try and hide it from you
It hurts when you whisper how pretty I am to me,
Only to talk down to me when no one is around
It hurts when you don't listen to me
You are not mine, I am yours,
I only say what you want to hear
It hurts the way I want you,
Because I panic when you're not there
It hurts to know I feel so safe around you
Though you like to test my innocence
It hurts when I only want to make you happy,
I can't count how many times I've cried because of you
It hurts when you have so many issues that I cannot solve
I feel helpless and ashamed that I cannot help
It hurts when I have just as many
But you never ask me about them
It hurts to know I love you
Because I can't say it aloud
Is that why you're hurting me?


Why do I let people do this to me?