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The Bittersweet Masterpiece

(This poem is the prolouge of a picture I will show tomarrow and am very proud of. Also, i will be annoucing something AMAZing along with the pic!! :D stay tuned!!)

I know this will not remain forever,
But still i know it's beautiful.
The snow in my eyes,
I worry it will blur the last sight of you.
This light is beautiful,
but I fear it will take me soon from you.
These silver creatures beckon me into the sky,
i know they will lead me someplace safe,
but it will be away from you.
This place is dark and this world is cold,
I could fly away from it and save myself.
But who, my friend, will save you.
My clothes are torn, my heart is bleeding.
I fear I cannot hold on for long.
Maybe it is finally goodbye.
But maybe...
Just maybe...
This is not the end.
"My beautiful little brother, be safe."
These words are my farewell?
Then I will go.
Though we are not truly brothers...
I love you as one.
So farewell... And may one day I see you,
Somewhere far away....

Deep into the stars.

-*By Blue*

This video is an amv of Bambi, but the song goes so well with the characters featured in the poem. It's very sad and the vid is very good. enjoy.

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