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dream buyerâ¥

Dream Buyer

Forgotten words
Slip from his mouth
Silent cries for help
Die in the dark
Heartbreaking wishes
Pass to the unknown
And so he lives
Within other people’s dreams
In hopes of finding his own
Dream buyer
I offer you one
Its small but extravagant
It’s a dream for you
To live in the skies

bwahaha!! i poem i made... usually i dont like my poems... but tis one i;m quite proud of.. n-n' hope you guys like it...


"Moths and Butterflies (Till we Meet Again)"

Roaring fire, fade away. Where are you friend, have you left me today?
The world is white, I'm fading as well. Will my tears be your final farewell?
There's no escaping the angels that reach for your hand. Little angel, they'll take you to the promised land...
I wonder, will i be left here, as you call out for me. Little child, my silver moth, I was never meant to be free.
Maybe tonight, we'll fly so far away... That we will be dead before the dawn.

"He loves you, too" you whisper to me in your little, trilling voice. "He won't leave you behind."
I understand not what you say, why can't you save me the pain and just fly away?
The angels won't leave me, I know they try to deceive me.
I cannot honestly go to the place you are going.
"He loves you," you say again, your voice is fading like the fire and my sight. "He won't leave you behind."

I awake.
Where are my wounds, my weariness?
You are here, my little Silver Moth. Oh no, no. Did I truly condem you to this place?
"You're home," You whistle happily. Why are you smiling?
... Aren't we...?
The angels are here, too. They laugh and pat our backs.
...It can't be.... It is pure here, the darkness has left us.
The world is white once again, your face is no longer in pain.

"You're home."

By Bluesen12 (9/6/08)