All my tags! Sorry I took so long TT^TT

TAGGED by : ItachiSasuke

1. Quickly think of the longest word you know and [try to] write out the definition!
procastination - do for tomorrow (or some other day) what you can do today! ;D

2. What is the most precious thing (or person) to you at the moment? :D
My mother and my lil niece >3<

3. When I say “blue” what is the first thing you think of?
I'm blue da ba dee da ba die.

4. What is a dream you’d wish would come true?
Find a good work and give to my family all they deserve ;)

5. Name one thing that you would fight for?
My liberty mines and others

6. The last song you’ve listened to. Is it your favourite song? :3
Opan Ganmnan Style, is not my fav but is so frkin catchy! DX

7. The last thing that you remember dreaming about.
I have no idea and is weird cuase I remember most of the times my dreams.

8. Name someone(s) on theO that have inspired you, as well as someone else in real life.
Well here in theO too many people, all you help me to grow as a person and as an artist ;) in real life my mother and my twin sis, becuase of her I'm everthing I am today.

9. WHY? >3 (Unrelated to the previous question) ;D

10. Were these questions boring? DX
Not really ^^;

11. Ah, I need one more! Your favorite hobby and why! >3
Sleep (becuase I love it) and when I'm awake use the computer (mostly use the PS) and use the PS3 I don't hang out much >_>

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Any anime that you stopped watching because you disliked it?
Babel II, Bleach and Naruto (too much fillers, now I only read the manga) and Saikano (too much depressing TT^TT)

Subject that you hate at school?
Math, Qyle (college life experience, is frikin stupid)

Which anime girl/guy do you want to punch?
Mako from avatar >_>

Tsundere or yandere?
Definitely Tsundere

Love is?
Complicated -__-;

Do you steal Wi-Fi from your neighbours?
Nevar! thou I think one time someone was stealing from my wi-fi, not anymore >:P

Are you passionate, or don't you care?
Don't care DX I don't know how to be passionate XD

Do you have the urge to punch your gym teacher?
I don't have a gym teacher ^^;

Or rather your math one?
The lady is too much old *sigh*

Any anime that makes you want to fangirl/fanboy about?
Rurounin Kenshin, Bleach and Katekyo Hitman Reborn, lots of hot guys in this animes.

Anyone you want to talk again to?
Not really, but if they want to talk I talk ;)

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1.) Favorite anime movie?
Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle

2.) Favorite food?
White Rice with Stew Chicken or Yellow Rice with chicken together.

3.) Do you like food? If you answered the above question, you must 8|
I do! Especially my mother's cooking

4.) Drink?
Yeah, if it is alcohol not much but sometime I drink a lil bit (I'm 24 I can drink! o__o)

5.) Oranges?
I like more Mandarins

6.) COOKIES!??!?!?
Yeah, my favorite are macadamia cookies ;3

7.) POOP? 8D
Is important to poop so yeah? >_>; lol

8.).....Did the last question make you wonder, "What are you on?!" xD
Weird question but funny

9.) ......AM I WEIRD!??!?! 83
Not really XD

10.) .......What does EMMA mean?? xD
Emma Watson or Emma Stone o3o;

11.) Will you have a good day??? :3
I sure hope so o3o;