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TAGGED by : ItachiSasuke 1. Quickly think of the longest word you know and [try to] write out the definition! procastination - do for tomorrow (or some other day) what you can do today! ;D 2. What is the most p...

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- Internet meme (trollface, FFFFF-, Awesome etc.) that you most identify with?
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So many things i can't explain.

-Your favorite anime swag & why?
what's an anime swag? o3o;;

- One thing you can't live with & why?
hmmm...i don't really know...

- Your favorite weather?
Cold but not too cold. Here never snow since is a tropical weather but the heat in summer is infernal!!!

- Favorite country?
Mine! ;D

- Something on your bucket list!
I want to graduate and travel to many countries.

- Piercings? Going to get / want any?
Only the ones in my ears XD

- What makes up you? Bit of a mix, or are you 100% of some nationality?
Well I'm Puertorican so i got a lot of mix in me. History say that the puertoricans principal races are Spaniard, Indian and African.

- Game- why do you play it?
Well if it is games in general I play it because i love it, I will die playing videogames >:3!!! Last game i played was Deus Ex : Human Revolution o3o is frikin awesome!!!

- Ever been to con? Want to go to one if you haven't?
I have, in my country (but they suck) and the last con i went was Otakon (best con i have ever been). The next one i want to go is Anime Expo!!

- Do you cosplay? If yes, what as? If no, what would you like to be?
Yeah >_< my first cosplay was Soi Fong from Bleach, my second one was Apache from Bleach too and the last cosplay I did because my friend ask me if i could cosplay with him was Ramona from Scott Pilgrim (my friend was Scott X3)