I won 2nd place! :D Cosplay Contest o3o

Remember my costume for Halloween? well I went to a videogame convention and I won 2nd place ^^; it was a really cool, never thought it was going to be so fun, the only bad thing was that my feets hurt like for 2 days still hurt a lil bit because I walked like this:
External Image

ALL the convention (the place was big TT^TT), I only took like 3 breaks in the bathroom to breath and rest a lil bit(didn't want people to see me lol).

My Halloween Custome! ;D (Silent Hill)

Finally finished my Halloween costume! I still need to retouch the head and fix some things but I think will be ready for Halloween and for video game convention I'm going in nov 3 o3o; hope look more creepy than weird >_>;