Taking request! Ecards and Icons!

I'm bored people! And I have no idea what to make, I thought of drawing something but I'm super lazy to draw and since I finished my last requests I'm once again taking ecard and icons request for anyone who's interested o3o;

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1. DeathSeraph - DONE
2. HelloKatty - DONE
3. Blue Latte - DONE
4. Skylark Kyoya - DONE
5. aka yuki
6. ElementalNinja
7. LunaInverse
8. JanetChan

Update* Challenges & Nodojiman The World News

Sup guys! I know it's been a while, just wanted to write a couple of things that happened this couple of weeks. First of all my Take Your Shirt Off challenge just ended, I thought it wasn't gonna get much entries but it did, yay! I asked a couple of people to help me deciding the winners that's why I haven't picked the winners yet but I will soon ^__^ And thank to everyone that participated in the challenge >w<

Oh I wanted to post something about a friend of mine, I don't know if someone have heard of this competition, is called Nidojiman The World, is a tv show singing contest in japan where people from different countries sing japanese songs. Is very famous in japan is one of the longest running TV programs broadcast on Japanese NHK TV and NHK radio (since 1946). Aaaaanyways this year this friend of mine from Puerto Rico went and won! The first Puertorican and latin person to have ever won that competition! Here's a video of him singing if you want to see him ^__^; I was so happy for him I wanted to share this news XD

By the way I was thinking of doing a icon competition! If I did it I was thinking of posting the competition in [ PHOTOSHOP-ERS ] Unite. the site looks a lot more pretty and cooler o3o I really miss Morbid Dollie's icon competition that's why I thought of making one ^__^;

Taking request! Ecards and Icons!

Hiya guys! Since I'm super booooored and I have no idea what design I should make so I'm taking suggestion or request from you guys. I know I still owe a couples of wallpapers (so sorry guys DX) but every time I start one I get so lazy or I'm not satisfied with the result but I swear I'll will make them. So for a limited time only if you're interested in seeing something from an specific character or anime let me know! Only ecards and icons.

1. SweeTea - Done
2. xNotUnderstood - Done
3. Klassic - Done
4. Pennguin - Done
5. Blue Latte - Done
6. Angel Zakuro - Done
7. Zuzu Uchiha - Done
8. Hulaberry32 - Done
9. HelloKatty - Done
10. Viollet - Done
11. Hifsa - Done
12. Heartstop - Done
13. ElementalNinja - Done
14. XxArrancarFanxX - Done
15. Support KIRA - Done

Comics Battle Challenge Winners! 1st - 6th winners

Sorry for taking so long here's the Winners!

Fight with Honor ~ Blue Latte
Within You. ~ Aishia
[i am] a force to be reckoned with. ~ TwinkLes
you have failed ~ Felcie
[�..Fly too high..�] ~ Hanako Sho
It Matters ~ chibi-anna-chan

The winners will be receiving soon a pm with the prizes info.

And because I feel so bad that I couldn't pick more winners I decided to give comics and a little superhero figure to everyone who participated in the challenge, so if you participated and you want your comics and figure PLEASE send me a pm or comment so I can pm you back with the info.

I want to say thanks to all the people that helped me select the winners, without you I don't know how I would've done it ಥ⌣ಥ lol


Team Plasma N
Murder Princess
Ritona Raito
Aria Sky
Support KIRA


lol just something funny I thought when I saw this

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Me: zombieusagi Y U NO let me praise KairiJun ヘ(;´Д`ヘ)
zombieusagi: becuase I said so ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ
Me: ok... (╥_╥)

Guys ignore me I'm too much bored.
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