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Work Project - Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Hiya everyone! Just wanted to show you something I did with my sis for a competition in my work (I work in a movie theater). We had to make a montage of the movie Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter and this is what we did. Hope we win first place XD I think that the 20 century fox is supposed to choose the winners >_>; oh god...

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This is a video of the display.

This is the trailer of the movie, for those who doesn't know what movie I'm talking about ;3

Back! XD

Sup guys! I'm back! turns out because of my grades (I'm such a nerd, YEAH RIGHT!) I don't have classes till next week. And then is SUMMER VACATION! ...

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Cya Laterz!

Cya laterz dudes! Going to college won't be back till Thursday or Friday!

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Plug & Play - Super HOT!

Just wanted to shared this epic and hot drawing for those who haven't seen it made doubleleaf from deviantart.

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