My Halloween Custome! ;D (Silent Hill)

Finally finished my Halloween costume! I still need to retouch the head and fix some things but I think will be ready for Halloween and for video game convention I'm going in nov 3 o3o; hope look more creepy than weird >_>;

Guess what I'm gonna be in Halloween XD

External Image

Yep, I'm gonna be the lying figure from Silent hill XD

So someone have any plans of doing something in halloween? someone planing of getting a costume too?

AMV's Tribute 3! update prizes*

Hiya! Just letting know to everyone that participate in my challenge and won that I'll start sending all the prizes on October, sorry for taking so long but because of college and my new job I haven't be able to send them. Again sorry! T^T

Oh God Why o__o

External Image

External Image

ecard artist assemble! o__o

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let's post at 12:00 midnight lots of cards! let's change that top 8!

Otaku Reunion! o3o

Hey I was just wondering, what ya guys think if we do a big reunion in the community chat or skype or tinychat or something like that. Is just that my classes start soon and I won't be much around when my classes start TT^TT and I haven't talk with some many people here for so long! so what ya guys think?

For now here's the link to the community chat ;3