Secret Santa Wishlist! ;D

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Here's my wishlist for all my secret santa, it can be for icons, walls, ecards, etc ;3

Kenshin Himura
Enma Kozato
Tsunayoshi Sawada
Yamamoto Takeshi
Chrono from Chrono Crusade
Italy from Axis Power Hetalia
Ichigo Kusosaki
Lin Beifong
Jack Frost (Rise of the Guardians)

Dante (not the new one >_>)
Nathan Drake
Adam Jensen
Ezio Auditore
Cloud Strife
Lightning (FF13)
Raiden (Metal Gear)
Kingdom Hearts

Takeshi Kaneshiro
Jeremy Renner
Emma Stone
Jennifer Lawrence

Faora-Ul (Superman: Man of Steel)
Black Widow
Clintasha (Hawkeye/BlackWidow)
Cassandra Cain

TV Series
Games of Thrones (Arya or Daenerys)
Once Upon a Time (Evil Queen, Ruby or Snow White)

If I keep getting more fandom, I'll keep updating XD LOL

I won 2nd place! :D Cosplay Contest o3o

Remember my costume for Halloween? well I went to a videogame convention and I won 2nd place ^^; it was a really cool, never thought it was going to be so fun, the only bad thing was that my feets hurt like for 2 days still hurt a lil bit because I walked like this:
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ALL the convention (the place was big TT^TT), I only took like 3 breaks in the bathroom to breath and rest a lil bit(didn't want people to see me lol).

My Halloween Custome! ;D (Silent Hill)

Finally finished my Halloween costume! I still need to retouch the head and fix some things but I think will be ready for Halloween and for video game convention I'm going in nov 3 o3o; hope look more creepy than weird >_>;

Guess what I'm gonna be in Halloween XD

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Yep, I'm gonna be the lying figure from Silent hill XD

So someone have any plans of doing something in halloween? someone planing of getting a costume too?

AMV's Tribute 3! update prizes*

Hiya! Just letting know to everyone that participate in my challenge and won that I'll start sending all the prizes on October, sorry for taking so long but because of college and my new job I haven't be able to send them. Again sorry! T^T