Finally!!!! TT^TT

I know you guys won't be interested in this but I was so happy I wanted to post it! X3

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Guess what! I finally found out a job!! YAY! BANZAI!

I started working in a restaurant as an waitress and the place is awesome! is close to the beach, today I served to the mayor of that town XD is a pretty expensive place, thou I don't mind cuz that way I get good tips o3o so yeah I really love my work X3 the only bad thing is that it is like an hour far from where I live >_> but the pay is pretty good so I'll worked there for a while. ooh and Puerto Rico just won against Japan in the World Baseball Classic, so YAY! I don't really like baseball but as a Puertorican we tend to be really proud when the name of our country is in some important game so we always give a lot of support to any of our teams from any sport if they need it. gEGFXAVAZ VIVA PUERTO RICO! Now we need to beat Dominican Republic >_>; better said that done tch

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Republica Dominicana VS Puerto Rico

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Comics Battle Challenge Winners! 1st - 6th winners

Sorry for taking so long here's the Winners!

Fight with Honor ~ Blue Latte
Within You. ~ Aishia
[i am] a force to be reckoned with. ~ TwinkLes
you have failed ~ Felcie
[�..Fly too high..�] ~ Hanako Sho
It Matters ~ chibi-anna-chan

The winners will be receiving soon a pm with the prizes info.

And because I feel so bad that I couldn't pick more winners I decided to give comics and a little superhero figure to everyone who participated in the challenge, so if you participated and you want your comics and figure PLEASE send me a pm or comment so I can pm you back with the info.

I want to say thanks to all the people that helped me select the winners, without you I don't know how I would've done it ಥ⌣ಥ lol


Team Plasma N
Murder Princess
Ritona Raito
Aria Sky
Support KIRA

News! Comics Battle Challenge, Worlds Openings and more!

Sup guys! just wanted to give some news that happened this week. First of all I wanted to congratulate Kami-chan.x3 for the opening of ...

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lol just something funny I thought when I saw this

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Me: zombieusagi Y U NO let me praise KairiJun ヘ(;´Д`ヘ)
zombieusagi: becuase I said so ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ
Me: ok... (╥_╥)

Guys ignore me I'm too much bored.
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This is me right now DX I'm supposed to finish my free gifts but the artblock wont let me TT^TT...

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