I'm finally back!!!!!

Okay this is gonna sound super weird but I had tried MONTHS to get to this site and for some reason I never could, after something happened today to the computer I tried once again to try and visit the website and I dont know how the heck finally i can!!!! hopefully I wont have the same problem again DX Im happy to be baaaaaaaack!!!

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Need Likes! o3o

Hi guys, the reason to this post is because I'm looking for help! I'm participating so I can win free Tickets for a convention here in Puerto Rico (Puerto Rico Comic Con) and I need the most like possible so I can win them. So if you can please Like the Page and then Like my photo. Obviously this is for those that have facebook. And yeap I submitted my lying figure cosplay lol. anyways thanks on advance!

Step 1.LIKE their page: https://www.facebook.com/fanotakutv?fref=photo

Step 2 Then LIKE my cosplay/photo: https://www.facebook.com/fanotakutv/photos/a.660220410771097.1073741828.138263086300168/669136326546172/?type=1&theater

My next cosplay! *pics*

So I've been having this wish of doing this cosplay and thanks to a friend is finally going to happen! here's a couples of pics of what he's done so far. I can't believe he did this in a couple of days, he's so frikin talented DX ugh so jealous! So if anybody haven't seen the movie, yeah I'm planning of doing Hiccup in the Next convention here where I live.

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Christmas and Foster Update*

Hiya guys, sorry I've been a little absent this days, I was helping to rescue 6 dogs from a shelter (they were going to put the dogs to sleep), thankfully many people helped me and we managed to find home for all of them. Right now I'm giving foster to 2 Rottweiler Angelus and Victoria but in 2 weeks they'll be going to what is going to be their forever home and I'm happy because they will stay together ^__^

I want to say thanks for all my secret santa's gifts! I LOVED THEM ALL! And hope everyone had a really nice Christmas and wish everyone the best on this coming year! ^___^

I'm bored so here's a couple of pics of Victoria and Angelus loool

Victoria (she's super energetic and love water)

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Angelus (she's the calm one but very sweet)

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Secret Santa Icons Gift!

Here's my gift/icons for chibi-anna-chan! yeah I'm your Secret Santa hohohohoh *cough* oho *cough* aaaaanyways hope you had a great Christmas and wish you the best on this coming year X3

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