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"Hateha Hateru" the words uttered to the few 'lucky' Haiburi. Haiburi are the beings with black fire burning inside their souls. They are the destined demonic beings from birth. Everything is destroyed with their power and many lock their kind up in fear. They cannot escape their fate in life or death; that is the way it has been for years.

There is a very slim hope for Haiburi. To rid them of their 'gift' they must appeal to Hateshi; a powerful, well-known demon who strikes fear and the heart of many. Hateshi has the power to rid the Haiburi of their burden but the toll is usually a very heavy one. You must comply and finish the task the Hateshi gives you before they can lose their burden. These tasks includes death, murders, enslavement and much more.

The last one 'freed' of their burden was a young female Haiburi named Hatsu. In order to gain her freedom she gave up her soul and body to Hateshi. Hateshi now wanders the world with many Haiburi trying to track her down.

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Puchi Hanasaku

Name: Puchi Hanasaku

Gender: Male

Age: 14

Personality: Very shy and nervous

Hair: dark brown

Eyes: green

Clothes: black sweat pants and a hoodie

Other looks: has a long scar going from his eye to the side of his lips. Is short.

Power: none

Relations with other Characters in the Roleplay: He was a servant of Hatsu before Hateshi took over her body and claimed him as her 'companion' has been forced to go along with Hateshi even though he is not a Haiburi. He is very intimidated by her.


Name: Hateshi Kinsen

Gender: Female

Age: unknown but body looks 16

Personality:She seems nice and innocent but she has the cruelty of a child. Very childish and creepy

Hair: Short platinum blond

Eyes: purple

Clothes: wears brown shorts with a yellowish t-shirt decorated with sunflowers and a sun hat with a sunflower on it

Other looks: She wears a childish smile on her face all the time and has a weird mark on her wrist that looks like §. She is about 6'5 in height

Power: She can quell and destroy black fire, uses black magic

Relations with other Characters in the Roleplay: Hateshi Kinsen takes human form in Hatsu's empty body. She is always with Puchi and scares him senselessly constantly but never notices it.