"10 Things I Hate About You" entry

I wanted to join this contest so here it is!


Here's the 10 things I hate about you Tamaki Souh of Ouran High School Host Club!

1. I hate your smile because it makes me daydream about you in all my classes.
2. I hate the way you talk since it makes me want to have someone to talk to me like that.
3. I hate your eyes since it makes me look at everyone's eyes just to find someone like yours.
4. I hate your laugh because it's sounds just like a song I want to hear over and over again.
5. I hate the way you show your love to Haruhi since it makes me long for someone to love me like that too.
6. I hate the way your always kind to people since I can't find anyone like that too.
7. I hate your face since I can't help looking at it.
8. I hate the way you welcome your customers in the host club because it never fails to make me blush.
9. I hate it if your face gets serious it makes you look more mature and more handsome too.
10. I hate everything about you since it makes it hard for me to think of something to hate.


And I hate the things I wrote since it's not funny or anything. I can't think of anything funny right now and I hate it! T_T But well, thanks for reading! :D