This Is Me!

Maria’s Profile

Pokemon: Minun
National #: 312
Title: Cheerleader
Type of Pokemon: lightning
Held Item: none
Ability: Minus
Attacks: Spark
Weak Against: Fighting type
Name: Maria
Nick Names: none
Gender: Female
Age: 19
Birthday: July 17
Birthstone: Ruby
Sign: Cancer
Element: lightning
Height: 5’1’’
Weight: 120 lbs
Chest: busty
Hair Color: blue
Hair Length: medium length, bangs frame her face and straight in the back. (goes down to her shoulder blades)
Eye Color: black
Skin Tone: paleish, more of a cream
Build: small, short arms and legs. Just short in general
Markings/Scars: little blue circles on her cheeks with white minus signs in the center of the circles
Tattoos: none
Piercings: none
Looks: She looks weak and small, blushes very easily, is always moving some part of her body or fiddling, has a short tail the same as a minun
Full Outfit: A white tank top that has iridescent glitter all over it, dark blue shorts that stop mid thigh, light blue sneakers
Persona: Happy go lucky and energetic, supportive and compassionate, thinks of others before herself, sweet and innocent, a bit of a klutz
Orient: straight
S/O: Patrick <3
Rival: none
Siblings: one brother but she doesn’t know where he is
Relationships: knows no one except her grandparents
Hometown: Near Mauville City (at a lighthouse)
Grade: Graduated
Job: Unemployed
Song Name: The Adventure
Song Artist: Angels and Airwaves
Likes: watching thunderstorms, helping others, sugar
Dislikes: water, being unable to help someone, vegetables
Fears: Death, seeing someone she cares about get hurt, the dark sometimes
Strengths: cheering, comforting, helping out
Weaknesses: cute boys, water, fighting
Food: anything spicy
Drink: strawberry milkshake
Color: blue
Flower: lily
Tree: apple
Season: spring
Activity: being helpful
Background: Her parents and brother left when she was younger, leaving her in the care of her grandparents. Now that she has finished school, she has felt like she has been more of a burden then a help to her grandparents, so she just left her home and doesn’t know where she is going, but she’s hopeful she’ll end up somewhere where she can meet new people.