me and my buddy Claudia were putting down our fav anime character's birthdays... and so this is deticated to all of them =] hehe and the characters we have so far are...


ok and many many many more lol, but if there are anyother character and if you know there b-days... plz tell ^.^ lol,
we had to make up b-days for the fruba characters.... Yuki's is Dec 20th.... i wanted it on the 23 but NOOOOO!

Claudia: -.- I told you... Kyo's b-day isn't on my b-day so it can't be on urs! ,
Me: >.> nya....

But anywayzz i'm going to start with Tamaki cuz his b-day is tomorrow! and so is my dad's b-day so i have to make two b-day cards ^.^ lol
And we need b-days for the Kingdom hearts characters too cuz we couldn't find them and i guess we are going to make those up to just for the fun of it =] lol

Happy B-day Hikaru and Kaouru

I probably spelled Kaouru wrong DX i'll change it later =] But ya... I forgot to post the twin's b-day =O and there my fave characters! There b-day was the same day as Itachi's ... so a while ago >< Sry Hikaru and Kaouru I still love u

[sry would put more pics but i'm tight on time.... >.<]
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Happy B-day Itachi!!

Well his b-day is tomorrow... but i wanted to put it up anyway b4 i forgot XD

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Happy B-day Mori!!!!!!

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YAY MORI! lol well his b-day was yesterday.... I forgot about it T^T
But I'm putting it on here anyway ^.^ lol I play as Mori when I RP with my friend ... it's so easy... all I really put is 'hmm' lol but I try not to make him boring ^.^"


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DX I didn't have time to draw something for Tamaki! But i will sometime or another.... but Claudia made a vid for Tamaki, I think it's cute =]


Sooooooo.... ya if anyone has any b-day ideas for the characters with no b-day plz do share =] and if you have a character that should be up here plz to tell =DExternal Image