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NO CHALLENGES!- Moving-busy-Grandma-Cancer

Hello there everybody ^-^
I know it’s been such a looooooooooooooooong time since I posted but I’ve been EXTREMELY busy after returning back from Egypt.
You know why we’re busy? I’ll tell you why!
Cause we’re moving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And not just any moving O_o we are moving to ANOTHER CONTINENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now that wasn’t expected and ESPICIALLY from dad!
I mean seriously the whole family wanted to move except for dad, but now he’s the one who’s like we’re returning back to Canada!

OK so I am a bit excited about it but somehow anxious ^^;;
I mean I’m loaded with all these questions like:
~ How’s my new school?
~Will I find good friends?
~Will I meet my old friends?
~How does my elementary school look like right now?
~Where will we live?
~ Will we have nice neighbors? -> We had really disrespectful and annoying neighbors in front us >_<
~ And………..this list has no end!

Anyways, so we’re really busy with packing and trust me I finally realized that our house is full of plenty of hidden stuff O_O
Not to forget to mention that you find out that your house is full of a lot of stuff and sometimes heavy ones >_______________>
So aside moving my grandma’s cancer is getting worse -_-
The doctor is expecting that it may have reached her brain! The problem is that mom wishes to go to see her but this will cause a lot of problems for our plans. So we still don’t know what to do :(
Please pray her everybody she really is suffering *POOR GRANNY*

Lets cheer up the mood a bit IT'S KPOP TIME!
I’ve fallen in love with SHINee’s new album (Lucifer), though I still didn’t watch it but I saw them on a live concert on KBS and it was AMAZING!


Seriously Taemin is great (2nd image) and Minho was injured so he didn’t dance in that concert (1st image) He only sang on a chair !

OK aside that I want to inform all of you that I’m afraid I won’t be able to accept any challenges because of the moving. I’m really sorry guys , I’ve had 3 challenges this week and I really want to enter them especially yours “ Somegirl” but I’m really busy these days and I don’t know when will I settle in Canada so I’m terribly sorry for all of you *BOWS HARDLY*
But thank you all for your invitations. Thanks to “Angel Zakuro” , “ Somegirl”, and “KrondorianV” and “Kisskiss-bangbang” I’m sorry it seems that I may not eneter your challenge either. I thought I might have time to join in but that’s it dad is disconnecting our internet -_-
I’m terribly sorry guys *BOWS HARDLY*
So thank you all ^-^

I also wanted to ask you guys a question about the youtube. I’ve been trying to post an amv into my introduction but it isn’t working and I don’t know why so I hope you guys can help me ^^;;
Well I’m not sure when I’ll post again, dad will probably disconnect our today and when I settle back in Canada this will take about a month O_o
So until then please take care everybody and have a nice day ^-^

Now laugh out loud ^O^

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HEECHUL'S DANCE <---- OMG now that's kinds CUTE ^w^ (SUPER JUNIOR)

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Now I'm not sure who he is but if you know remind me ^^;

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Hello there everybody ^^
I'm sorry for not posting from a LONG LONG LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG time I know *BOWS HARDLY*
I've been having some troubles lately but I'm fine ^^
School is good and I'm happy at my new school.
Except that we have continous tests and after few weeks I'll have my exams so I may ABSOLUTELY vanish O_O
The thing that pisses me off is that I'm the only one who got the full mark in a Math test and the highest mark in a biology test[9.5/10] and since then the class thinks I'm a genius!
I mean seriously if only they studied hard for it I'm sure they'll get good marks.
The tests weren't hard they were long but not hard!
I don't mind helping them in understanding but now I feel like they rely on me for everything!
Whenever I get nervous for my marks they're all like who you don't worry you did great without even knowing my mark >_<
It just makes me really angry I even began feeing jeoulsy from some girls!
But I must admit I finally found friends that I'm happy with and there are anime lovers like me ^^

Anyways, that's not the maen reason I wasn't around here a while ago.
My mom has been held in the hospital because of her critical condition.
It seems to be a problem in her digestive system.
So I've been really busy taking care of the house, my brothers, my studies and so on.
I went and visisted her yesturday the doctor said that she's improving but I hink if she needs to saty more she'd better stay.
That's for her own good as much as I miss her but I think she's better stay.
I don't want her to come her and collapse again.
Lately I'm the one who's cooking and I think I'm improving my brothers finally began liking my cooking *DANCE AROUND*

I've took a decision to make mom really proud when she returns ^^
And I'm gonna do my best ^^

Well I actually was supposed to post on my otaku but I'm planning to make some changes so I think I'll post here till I get some time to start on the changes.

Ok so gotta go hope you guys have a great day ^-^

My first real post !!!!!!!!

I guess my title explains it!
I absolutely abondend it and I thought this time I shal post here

So it's already Eid YAY!
Today is the 3rd day and tomoroow is the last day
But I'm happy ^^

Anyways so lately I think I need to make some changes around here and I guess I abondend my other sites too SHESH!

Well only a couple of days and school will start again [SO NOT LOOKING FORWARD FOR IT] as soon as we return and I'm sure each teacher will try to have a day for a test [TORTURE] >_<

I guess that's all I got I can't really write more than that that's all I can think of latley [MEMORY LOSS]

Have a nice day and hope to see you al soon

MyO anniversary Day!