Ten Thing's I Hate{L}

Ten things I Hate about L(Death Note)
1, the closer you get to understanding him, or his motives, just his life in general; you realize youre not that close at all, he’s still a mystery.
2, the way he infuriates everyone around him yet stays calm.
3, the way his eyes calculate you. Calculate every second, every move. You start to wonder if he’s a machine.
4, how his voice levels, there’s no emotion, or rarely any. He is full of pristine nothing.
5, How intensely he stares. As if, if he wanted; he could swing you around, break your spine, hurt you, yet restrains himself.
6, how stubborn he is. He knows when he’s right and sticks by it. When someone is guilty, he won’t back out.
7, what an unusual face, so pale and dark eyed. Such messy, dark hair. Such heavy shadows. A wraith of justice. A dark hero. It Could be disgusting.
8, What a gentleman he is, or acts like. No man, boy or male should have the right to act with so much politeness.
9, How he could be gay, but no one knows. Hes not interested in women it seems; or men.
10, How he intakes masses of sugar yet never seems to gain more than an attractive amount