Hey everyone! ^^ Welcome to my World... There's not much here but make yourself at home. Heh.

You can all just call me Hana. Since, well... it's my OC's name. Hana Aburame. :D I'm 15 years old and my birthday is on January 23rd... just like Shino. ^o^b My friends always tell me I'm very mature for my age... but they also say I act like an 8 year old. I'm very shy and talking to people face to face is usually very difficult for me. I'm actually quite girly and although my clothing style tells most people otherwise, I'm a sucker for cute things.

Anyway... If it's not obvious already, I absolutely love Shino. He will always be my favorite Anime character ever. Except, I have a great fear and dislike of insects of any kind. ^^;

Some of my Favorite Anime: Naruto, Bleach, Soul Eater, Wolfs Rain, Furuba, True Tears, Toradora and Pretear.
Some of my Favorite Manga: Naruto, Bleach, Kamichama Karin, Godchild and High School Debut.
Some of my Favorite Bands: NEWS, Big Bang, DBSK, Arashi and Super Junior.

~Current Projects~

  • None.

Bye everyone...

I don't know who will read this... I have neglected all of you for the longest time and I'm truly sorry for taking long breaks away from here and not commenting or anything.

But tomorrow... I'll be taking another break from TheO and it'll probably be permanent.

I don't want to tell everyone all the bad things that have been happening to me because I know that I'm not the only one going through some rough times right now.

I will say three things though... my grandmother passed away, I'll be moving tomorrow with my Aunt but by moving... I mean out of state and I pretty much destroyed the heart of the person who I love more than anything - my boyfriend.
I don't know if I made the wrong choice because I know a few people who have a perfectly good long distance relationships but I didn't want that for him or me.

So, this will probably be my last post... for now... or forever, whatever happens I just want to thank my friends on here. ^^ It was great getting to know some of you. *Hugs for everyone* Take care guys!

All Good!

Other than the fact that I ran around the block like a bajillion times and I feel dizzy... everything is good again... for the most part.
My Aunt finally gave in and said I could live with my Grandma again!
But, my Grandma was recently taken to the hospital for what they said was 'heart problems' er, I know she'll be okay though... my Grandma is strong. *NodNod*
So, for now... I'm staying at my boyfriend's house. ^^
We play on the Wii EVERY night... and I lose to him in SSBB EVERY night. xD
I use the guest room and I was pretty much allowed to do what I wanted with it. My Grandma will be in the hospital for a little longer so they can make sure every thing's completely okay so, I have my own little home away from home? Haha.
I slept in Ty's room once though... >.> Nothing happened! I swear.
We had a bad storm and I don't like them so, yea. ^^;

Uh... other news... I got a new computer! My other one broke which is why I wasn't on for a while.
But, all is good again. So, I'll be on daily... or, every other day at the most?
^^ I promise to get back to everyone. I've missed you guys so much. D:

Back... sort of.

Hey everyone. ^^
I'm back... but not really.
So far, things are going great between my boyfriend and I.
We worked everything out... and we haven't had any problems since.

As for my family issues... not doing so well there.
I'm currently living with my Aunt... but my Grandma's trying everything she can to get my Aunt to let me stay with her.

My grades have fallen... a lot. But my guidance counselor said it's fine because I told him about everything that's going on.

So, I'll be on... but not a lot till everything is almost back to normal. ^^;

I love you all and thank you so much for all your comments on my last post. I'm so happy to have friends that are here for me. :]

Sorry everyone...

I'm going to be away from TheOtaku for the time being.
School's become stressful and my family issues have turned up again.
I might have to move in with my Aunt because she believes that my Grandma doesn't have the 'Means to care for me'. :/

I also got in a big fight with my boyfriend and I'm pretty heartbroken from that.
I really hope we don't break up... a fight now and then can strengthen a relationship... or so I believe... but I think I upset him.

Anyway... I'm sorry I'm leaving guys. I know I'm hardly on as it is. :[
I'll miss you all... and I'll try to be back soon.


I got a package... which I should have known about but I forgot. XD
All my clothes from Hot Topic came in today.
I got three pairs of skinny jeans [Hot pink, Orange and Black], Four shirts [One Naruto shirt, one Death Note shirt and two for the band The Devil Wears Prada], Two pairs of fishnet arm warmers [Black and Pink] and Two studded wristbands. [Green/Black and multi-colored]

WOO! New outfits. ^o^
See? Like I said in my Intro... I dress very different than how I act. Hehe.
Well, I have tons of homework to do.
So, I'll talk to everyone later.

Oh! I finished my picture of Hei but I haven't had time to upload it. I will soon. ^^