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Link: Hametsu's Original Character Guide

Bitten Profiles

Bitten was my very first Vampire story. It started in 2005 with only 2 pages. It was revamped (because of drawing styles changing) in 2007, in which the story developed more. Bitten will be revamped once more Digitally in the nea...

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Life with Love and Magic Characters

Life with Love and Magic is my longest manga so far because I've been working on it since 2004. I believe if it can be published, that it'll be the first. Even If I have a better Manga completed, I would want to try and get LWLAM publishe...

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Tsumetai Hi Profiles

Tsumetai Hi is my book. I am trying to get it published. After publication, and graduation of college, I will make it into an animated Movie!!!! I'm excited!!! Oh, and the description: Ame Rikai was just your simple talented teenager...

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