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I love you!


I close my eyes, and there you are;
you dazzle me, from near and far;
your silhouette - it strikes me too;
no other like it, uniquely you;
all perfect curves, from head to toe;
from hips to calves, from eyes to nose;
both inside and outside, your brilliance flows;
I crave your kiss, my heart explodes;
still strong without you, I remain;
though hard it is, each passing day;
I am bolstered too, each sunless night;
your voice I hear, turns dark to light;
I want you now, stay near to me;
eyes open wide, still you I see

- Bryce Johnston -

Sally's song

I sense there's something in the wind,
That feels like tragedy's at hand,
And though I'd like to stand by him,
Can't shake this feeling that I have,
And does he notice,
My feelings for him,
Or does he see, how much he means to me?
I think it's not to be...
The worst is just around the bend,
What will become of my dear friend?
Where will his actions lead us then?
And though I'd like to join the crowd,
In their enthusaistic cloud,
Try as I may,
It doesn't last,
And will we ever, end up together?
No I think not. It's never to become.
For I am not, the one...

I love sally's song! I had to sing it while typing it though because I couldn't remember what came next! I hope this is the right lyrics! Hope you're all enjoying the songs!

No One

I woke up... a sudden blurr of vision... Where am I? I thought.Who am I? And what am I doing here? A noise came from the other side of the vast, dark room that I was in... "Good morning," said the voice,"I am A...

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