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Golden Sparrow (as seen through the sparrow's eyes)

Falling, gliding, flying still,
I flew through the starless skies,
As night fog clouded the stars above,
Blocking my view with its,
Icey fingers,
Gripping at my Golden Wings.
A black form fell upon me,
Talons grabbed my wings,
And tore them up.
The night hawk stalked me,
Preying on me,
Waiting to kill,
But only mamed.
I fell,
and fell,
and fell,
And hit the ground in front of,
A Girl!
She picked me up,
"Poor bird," she said
As she marveled at,
My Golden Wings,
And in reply, I said,
"Thank you, kind stranger,"
As on would talk to a friend.
And she replied,
"What harm has come to you, that would hurt,
Such a beautiful bird, as you?"
But I couldn't answer,
I was fading,
The only thing left of me,
The once proud Golden Sparrow,
Was a Golden Feather,
Which she carries,
as a memory of me...
And so in thought,
though dead,
I live on...

Poem By: sharklover1313 (aka, LuAnn Holt)
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