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Sally's song

I sense there's something in the wind,
That feels like tragedy's at hand,
And though I'd like to stand by him,
Can't shake this feeling that I have,
And does he notice,
My feelings for him,
Or does he see, how much he means to me?
I think it's not to be...
The worst is just around the bend,
What will become of my dear friend?
Where will his actions lead us then?
And though I'd like to join the crowd,
In their enthusaistic cloud,
Try as I may,
It doesn't last,
And will we ever, end up together?
No I think not. It's never to become.
For I am not, the one...

I love sally's song! I had to sing it while typing it though because I couldn't remember what came next! I hope this is the right lyrics! Hope you're all enjoying the songs!

What Will You Be On Halloween Night?

What will you be on Halloween night?
A witch or a goblin or a ghost?
What will you be on Halloween night?
A ghoul who is ghoulier than most?
What will you be on Halloween night?
A monster who will fill me with distress?
What will you be?
NO, don't tell me...
Wait till Halloween and let me guess!


My lords, my ladies, and all of those who think they're not lords or ladies, I give you my deepest best of wishes, may your lives be long and prosperous, and may you be a winner in all that you do, and...

My dearest friends, how awkward do you think it would be if all you ever read was something in that fromat? give me a shout out on the comment bar to tell me anything that might be awkward, or, if you have any WHAT IFs, share them with me! Example: What if... the sky turned to fire and your nose fell off?

anything with that and more ifs are free to comment! Send me everything you think is weird, I'll add it to the REALLY LONG LIST OF AWKWARDNESS!


Here's a sweet idea for yearbook signing!
I otter cry
I otter laugh
I otter sign
My otter-graph!
(Your autograph here)

Teehee! That's funny huh?
PM me if you want to hear more! I'll Post another one next year!

Now That You Know Me...

I've been alone for
so long... afraid
to show my tears
so cold inside,
I no longer can feel
any pain anymore
I'm cold and dead inside,
this death will never be lifted
from my shoulders.
But then you came,
not that you knew me,
and reserected my soul
from the firey pits
that I was condemned to.
And you were the first friend
I've ever made,
and you've remained by my side,
not that you know me,
to help me
to hold me
and make me feel like,
I'm needed,
like I'm important,
but still,
It's not like you know me,
my deepest feelings
in the dark voids
of my abysmal heart,
the only thing
that's been torn apart.
Then, over time
you changed,
and now that you love me
you do know me,
and that makes my pain
making me human
making me happy,
because you know me...

I just barely came up with this. I hope it's not too cheesy for anyone! Enjoy! And go out and make plenty of FRIENDS!